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  1. I'd never heard "It's All Too Much" until today, good tune, I particularly like when the horns come in. Strider - not really important, but in the link you sent is that a small piece of "Ode to Joy" at around 4:40? Thanks for posting.
  2. It's an art, tanking while attempting to appear that you are trying to win games.
  3. Re: Cruz. Unless he's as dumb as Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodrigues, I would hope he will stay clean. Spring training games start this week, getting closer!
  4. My Gary Numan "Splinter" CD that I bought because of an earlier link in this thread. :-)
  5. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I'd like to participate in the baseball predictions contest.
  6. Have a lot of catching up to do. From memory - Lone Survivor - glad I saw it, but another film where I wanted more of the soldiers' personal stories. Nebraska - pretty good. Dern and Forte were good, but June Squibb stole the show. Philomena - a pleasant surprise. Much better than I expected. Sad but plenty of laughs too. The compilation of 2014 Oscar Nominated Live Action Short Films. I'd never seen something like this in a cinema before. Very enjoyable. Only Lovers Left Alive - when I read the brief summary I thought "ugh another vampire movie", but this was no Twilight. It was beautiful, moody, a good cast, excellent music. May not be appealing to the masses - some comments I've read "Boring movie, nothing happens". Some recent films I've seen on DVD: The Fighter - good but not as good as Russell's American Hustle in my opinion - with the exception of Christian Bale, he seems to be good in everything he does. The Master - one word - weird. Unfortunate we won't get to experience any future brilliant performances by Philip Seymour Hoffman. I'm on a Bale bender - Recently watched The Machinist, The Prestige, American Psycho. Bale great in each one and I liked all of the films as well.
  7. American ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White just won the first ever Olympic gold medal for a US team since dance has been in the winter Olympics. So proud and happy for them.
  8. That wasn't much of a match for the US hockey team today I guess. Russia in another overtime game - good :-)
  9. This game has been so hyped, hopefully it lives up. I hope Quick does himself and his team proud and US can get ahead early to quiet the arena a bit.
  10. Great posts Strider and in_the_evening. I cannot choose a favorite Dylan tune - too many. Another artist I never got to see in his prime, unfortunately. When people start listing their favorite songs, it reminds me just how many songs I love. A random comment - many years and several dogs ago - my first dog was named Dylan :-).
  11. Plushenko's skating is not a personal favorite, but he is a skating icon. USA's Jason Brown will skate in the final group - never thought he's be up that high. Hope Hanyu can keep his endurance up for the long program. Really looking forward to Saturday's hockey game, going to be very loud in the arena!
  12. If things continue as they have through two periods, a mercy rule for hockey may be appropriate ;-).
  13. Pretty much sums up my thoughts. He will be missed.
  14. Happy Birthday sickagain hope it was good for you.
  15. These cross country skiers are fit. Skiing uphill - ugh.
  16. I am enjoying the new Team figure skating event. Davis and White did a great short program. Since the men in this thread are commenting on the outfits, I will add my "girly" comments. I hated Meryl's new "My Fair Lady" dress and hair. Hope she uses one of her other dresses when they compete in the Ice Dance events next week. The Canadian's scores were closer than I thought they would be with a mistake on the twizzles. The ladies competition was good too. Japan's Asada takes a risk by trying the triple axel, but helps her country get a spot in the finals. Russia's teen Lipnitskaya is quite flexible, but I enjoyed USA's Wagner's attack and the mature, sublime skating of Italy's Kostner more. Got a chance to watch some of the women's hockey this morning. It's nice, but it looks so slow to me compared to the men. Maybe I'll get into it more as the competition gets more heated.
  17. Poor Mrs. Pell (Michelle Kwan) but the "polobears" are cute. Be careful what you wish for. Scott Hamilton's screeching might make you change your mind. I assume you'll be cheering for Michigan's Davis and White? They are wonderful.
  18. http://stream.nbcolympics.com/figure-skating/winter/15417/ This is live as I type. You can poke around the main page for a login, I'll send it along in a bit. You will need to log in with your user/pass for your cable tv provider to watch. Also, if your cable provider includes NBCSN, their live coverage begins Saturday if memory serves. At the very least this will be a good supplement to NBC, but might be a preferred option. Here's some information for you that I found at another internet forum that I visit: If you have cable, satellite, FIOS, etc. and do not have the package with that channel, you still might be able to access it online at NBC Sports Live Extra. Scroll down to the events and click on Watch Now then pick your provider and log in. The link is: http://stream.nbcsports.com/liveextra/ There is also an Apps tab on the main screen. I downloaded the android app from the Play Store to my Nook 7 HD and I can also watch it there I am not sure if you have to have a cable, etc. package to watch on the app. I can't remember if I had to log in or not as I set this up a few weeks ago.
  19. I love the live stream coverage. Just the right amount of commentary, no "fluff" pieces, all of the athletes are shown (not just Americans and/or favorites). Just the event and some advertisements (that cannot be avoided).
  20. Have the live stream open, some events have begun before the official opening.
  21. Congratulations Seattle fans, happy dreams. Congratulations Strider!!!!! Yahoooo! So happy to see you back ebk. A giant thank you to paul c. A lot of work and well done. Baseball in two months. That little rodent Punx Phil saw his shadow.
  22. I thought the bear was cute, but what a strange commercial.
  23. Good show. High energy. Loved the Mars dancers - or whatever they are called.
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