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  1. Put me down for a Puff Daddy & Jimmy Page reunion next year.
  2. Inane and senseless? He's never been this open, RP knew damn well what he was getting into going on the show. http://player.siriusxm.com/#/player?type=aod&id=321384
  3. Mel Brooks talked about getting lessons from Buddy, who told him at the "Blazing Saddles" premiere, "you shouda stuck with drumming!"
  4. It would be a question for Jason & his mom to answer. I don't think they were on anyone's "radar" until Permanent Waves, even though 2112, Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres did well - but they were playing theaters. I don't think John listened to bands for drummers, he liked groove. I'm sure he couldn't stand disco but probably loved P-Funk. He probably heard Prince and Rick James. Bands that were being compared to LZ, I'm sure Jimmy and Robert had a snobby attitude about "wannabe Zep bands" at first. Over time they'd cross paths, see the shows, make small talk and have laughs. I know Geddy talked about staying in the same hotel with Robert and they wound up hanging out. Neil also worked in a Kings Row shop and did some gigs in London before he joined Rush.
  5. Iommi's book made it sound like Geezer and Robert knew each other pretty well.
  6. I think they would have put Led Zeppelin on hold in the 80s, there wouldn't have been a "Coda". Maybe they would have filmed a 1980-1981 concert for home video. People were just happy at the time that they were touring again, but once that was over, I don't know if they would have wanted to keep going as a band. Robert still would have moved forward with a solo career. The Firm probably would have happened because Bad Company broke up.
  7. Page was also focusing on being a showman and putting on a good show, but I think some of the things about touring got to him. A lot of the guys that make it say they eventually fall into the trap that in the beginning said they would never do, but there's also a "lot of people depending on you" and the responsibility that goes with being a bandleader. When the man who put the band together is having problems, they're all in big trouble. 2-3 hour shows night after night...by their standards, they're not going to knock every show out of the park, but when it becomes a chore, the passion starts fading. When they became a stadium band, it becomes less about the music quality and more about $$$$. It gets too big, and you also become a big target. I'm sure they had a lot of death threats, so I'm sure whenever someone lit off a cherry bomb or firecrackers, they probably had frayed nerves from all of that going on. Even if drugs were to be blamed, Jimmy also said he had health issues from touring in the early days. I think he enjoyed aspects of touring, but there was probably a lot about it that he didn't enjoy. For all the praise people give Hendrix, he was as "sloppy" as Jimmy ever was, but he could also deliver a devastating solo.
  8. When you see "duck face" odds are he was playing sloppy.
  9. Maybe it tied into a divorce settlement. So far the exes haven't written tell-all books.
  10. In a way, this goes back to the debate whether Willie Dixon should have won the lawsuit for Whole Lotta Love and the incorrect "ripped bluesmen off" they got tagged with. Jake Holmes was the only one that had any case. And how many years did Robert Plant not get any songwriting credit off the first album? The Beatles stole way more.
  11. I'm wishing all the albums had a live disc and a studio sessions disc, but this is my favorite out of the three releases. I'll eventually hear the "mixed for iTunes" when all the albums are out and pick a small handful of songs after the verdict's in on the catalog. "Hey Hey What Can I Do" should have been on it. I was hoping "Bombay Friends" was going to be on it, but realized that's a couple of years later.
  12. I remember reading something about Page and Plant selling something off (not their souls) in the early 80s and it had to do with the lawsuits they were getting hammered with over the song credits. I don't know if that also had to do with RP's divorce. As far as I know, the publishing is still theirs and administered by Warner-Chapell, but that's usually for a ton of cash and has a date for extension, renewal, etc and can shop it around, or be independent of a big publisher. Warners will probably have it until it becomes public domain.
  13. It's kind of messed up to ask Ginger Baker what he thinks of such and such drummer and band, but the stuff he was saying about Jagger was funny. He's a bitter man, but people shouldn't be taking offense at him trashing other bands. If you knew you were damn good, and all of a sudden you're off hanging with Fela Kuti while the young pups that were studying you in the clubs are then playing stadiums when you finally leave (and not by choice), it's going to come as a bit of a shock, isn't it? Graham Bond Organisation was a great band (the same band John McLaughlin was a part of) but they only did a couple of albums and few clips exist. Ask anyone who saw them and they said they were one of the best bands they've ever seen. Clapton had to REALLY want Bruce and Baker, knowing they fought like cats and dogs on and off stage, because he also knew there was nothing else doing what they did. Cream was a benchmark in rock, even if their songs bore ya and their Farewell video makes you dizzy, they were game changers for musicians, and we got some hit songs out of them. Would there be a "Moby Dick" if there wasn't a "Toad"?
  14. Elvis Presley's estate (and maybe Michael Jackson) tended to stretch the truth when it came to gold records. Anything before Soundscan in '91 is questionable data. There's definitely "record company politics" involved when it comes to things like RIAA awards and the Rock Hall. Ahmet Ertegun being a part of the RRHOF put Led Zeppelin at an advantage, and there's a healthy amount of LZ influences that have never been inducted.
  15. There might have been some things in the Bill Graham vaults. They had a one camera video used for the Hendrix Band of Gypsys shows. There was video shot for the 1977 Day on the Green, and the Frampton/Skynyrd show was the only thing they've released. I did see this recently though,it's mostly audience footage with some stage shots of LZ, but it's pretty clear footage. There's a show from the Houston Summit that Elvis fans were trying to track down from '76 because it was a flat out trainwreck. I'm sure whoever has the mythic Led Zep video also has the Elvis one.
  16. As far as closed circuit footage goes, it's a matter of backtracking to who worked video at the arena. I wouldn't be surprised if Richard Cole had clipped cables before the show. A lot of CCTV footage was secretly recorded in the late 70s-early 80s, and all they could do was hope the tour manager turned a blind eye to it going on. I think the problem of more footage not coming out has to do with people worried Led Zep's lawyers are going to come after them and just take them, or they're asking for way too much money, so some people are just going to sit on what they have. I just think if someone has something that good, they should just circulate clips from the concert.. I think Page has tried to find every possible existing piece of footage for his archives, and he probably has no idea what else could be out there.
  17. VR's on indefinite hold, what was interesting was hearing about Duff & Dave Kushner getting together to write a song or two for Scott Weiland. Slash sounds like he never wants anything to do with Weiland other than an occasional get together on stage. Matt's talked about doing another all star tour, it sounded like he wanted to get Izzy, Duff, Slash, and Steven to be on the bill, kind of a RRHOF tour without calling it Guns N' Roses. But it would be cool to see the different bands do their thing and come together at the end and play the AFD classics. Izzy hasn't toured in a looong time other than doing guest appearances.
  18. As far as 1984 goes,I always felt they left the fans short changed, and I blame that on Diver Down being half covers half originals. I thought it could've used 2 or 3 more songs. Van Halen had planned to do something with the songs that wound up on A Different Kind of Truth years ago. The tribute band Atomic Punks were going to make an album out of most of those songs, but they were going to stick to the original versions. Van Halen's management prevented them from doing it. Now we know why... It's cool to see Dave surfacing over the past few months and letting people know what's been going on, working with John 5 again, and Wolfgang out on the road with Mark Tremonti, before Alter Bridge regroup this year. I think Alter Bridge is going to get some renewed attention because of Myles with Slash last year (including the GNR Rock Hall induction) and Tremonti putting a kick ass solo album out. What's always been funny to me is how Dave turned out to do far more experimental stuff than Van Halen had done. I do like parts of VHIII, but Ed was being an epic ass that year about the reunion falling through. All they had to do was the one tour and do whatever they wanted after that.
  19. Rare vinyl or CDs? I can think of different stores for different collectors. Amoeba's the mother lode in LA and San Fran. San Diego - Off the Record and Lou's. Long Island - Mr Cheapos and Looney Tunes. Record Stop in Ronkonkoma used to have a great collection but they went mail order.
  20. I'd like to see ITTOD have a remix done to it along the lines of "Let It Be Naked", would love "Carouselambra" to bring up Plant's voice. As far as the drum sound on "Fool In The Rain", was Bonham listening to a lot of Steely Dan "Aja"? Same drum beat on "Home At Last", except he added his own little signature to it. I wonder if Page feels about this album the way Jagger felt about "Exile on Main Street".
  21. From 1966-1968 they crossed paths a lot, went to the same clubs around London and NYC, but never actually got together. I think Page was just too focused on what he was doing at the time and wasn't in party mode until Led Zep exploded and were the party. Hendrix constantly jammed around NYC at night, but it sounded like a "ships in the night" situation. You're talking about two shy guys without guitars in hand. I think in my "what if", they would've gotten together, Hendrix would've shown Page around Electric Lady, they would've jammed, and Led Zep would've had free studio time (which would've made Page even more enthusiastic *L*) with no record company on their backs, in exchange for helping Jimi produce First Rays of the New Rising Sun. Jimi would've had an amazing album.
  22. I guess you're not counting TV, prob. because we were assuming LZ would NEVER ever license their songs to TV shows, but have to throw this in there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG_ELAutz2w
  23. How many soundboard concerts do the band actually have? They prob. could do a "bootleg series" through the official site and touch up some of the better audience recordings out there.
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