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  1. Put me down for a Puff Daddy & Jimmy Page reunion next year.
  2. Inane and senseless? He's never been this open, RP knew damn well what he was getting into going on the show. http://player.siriusxm.com/#/player?type=aod&id=321384
  3. Jimmy could easily put unreleased Earls Court clips up on You Tube, but if they're digging out video, it's over 40 years and who knows what kind of condition they're in. It's definitely possible there's more video out there that hasn't surfaced, especially when some of the venues were set up for closed circuit TV or broadcasting basketball & hockey games. In hindsight, when they had the film crew for TSRTS, they should have shot some of the Physical Graffiti tour or done a soundstage performance being that they were already sinking millions into that movie.
  4. Mel Brooks talked about getting lessons from Buddy, who told him at the "Blazing Saddles" premiere, "you shouda stuck with drumming!"
  5. It would be a question for Jason & his mom to answer. I don't think they were on anyone's "radar" until Permanent Waves, even though 2112, Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres did well - but they were playing theaters. I don't think John listened to bands for drummers, he liked groove. I'm sure he couldn't stand disco but probably loved P-Funk. He probably heard Prince and Rick James. Bands that were being compared to LZ, I'm sure Jimmy and Robert had a snobby attitude about "wannabe Zep bands" at first. Over time they'd cross paths, see the shows, make small talk and have laughs. I know Gedd
  6. Robert's voice buried in the mix hurt the song. I wouldn't be surprised if the song's been done without keyboards by cover bands, it would probably have more funk groove to it than disco. They could have also called on ABBA to help out I guess *L*
  7. "FYI. In the NY post article about my book ,John Bonham had nothing to do with the Mudshark incident aside from fishing . The post wrote he was a ring leader . That is not true and not what was written my book FYI ..john was a Friend and should not get credit for something he did not do ." - Carmine Appice (Facebook)
  8. Iommi's book made it sound like Geezer and Robert knew each other pretty well.
  9. They have him in the news being "The Beatles drummer" but he was on a lot of the same sessions Jimmy was on in the mid 60s. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-34785987
  10. Time to debate - rough mix vs remaster and same goes for 24 bit remasters
  11. I think they would have put Led Zeppelin on hold in the 80s, there wouldn't have been a "Coda". Maybe they would have filmed a 1980-1981 concert for home video. People were just happy at the time that they were touring again, but once that was over, I don't know if they would have wanted to keep going as a band. Robert still would have moved forward with a solo career. The Firm probably would have happened because Bad Company broke up.
  12. I kind of wish they had just taken the songs from Coda and put them on the companion discs, but hopefully an expanded version winds up being a home for other "odds and ends". If Jimmy does another "Conversations", you know he's going to be on the defensive when ITTOD comes up.
  13. Page was also focusing on being a showman and putting on a good show, but I think some of the things about touring got to him. A lot of the guys that make it say they eventually fall into the trap that in the beginning said they would never do, but there's also a "lot of people depending on you" and the responsibility that goes with being a bandleader. When the man who put the band together is having problems, they're all in big trouble. 2-3 hour shows night after night...by their standards, they're not going to knock every show out of the park, but when it becomes a chore, the passion st
  14. Had to be Richard Cole, Peter Grant doesn't seem like he would have been frivolous. Jimmy would have wanted the money back for the champagne bottles.
  15. When you see "duck face" odds are he was playing sloppy.
  16. FiiO x5 player with E12 Amp kit is really good, then it's just a matter of finding a good headset like Sennheiser or Klipsch.
  17. I wouldn't be surprised if the 1977 Oakland shows had been recorded but there may have been "issues". Plus if you hear the Pink Floyd tour boot from there, the quality probably isn't that different. 1977 Houston Summit has been brought up in the past that house video may have been shot, and MSG had in house video by 1977 for sports games.
  18. Maybe it tied into a divorce settlement. So far the exes haven't written tell-all books.
  19. This was all about iTunes remasters and a way for Jimmy to just get out, talk about the music, share a few stories and get some money in his pocket. I think the book stamping was silly, but it's his show. I'm sure he had no idea how any of this would sell.
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