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Other albums with Zeppelin personnel


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The idea is to create a repertory of albums featuring Led Zeppelin personnel.

This one is from 1992, by the American band R.E.M.

The songs "Drive", "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite", "Everybody Hurts", and "Nightswimming" feature string arrangements by John Paul Jones.

Considered by many the best R.E.M. album it went on to sell over 16 million units.


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There was a thread about this album here. Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends from 1969. Jimmy Page and John Bonham both played on the album with Page producing the album.

Like one reviewer on Amazon said it's so bad it's actually good. I have no idea how many units it sold though, I can't imagine very many.


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Artist: Roy Harper

Album: Lifemask

Release date: 1973

Tracks: Bank Of The Dead; The Lord's Prayer

LZ member: Jimmy Page

Artist: Roy Harper

Album: Valentine

Release date: 1974

Track: Male Chauvinist Pig Blues

LZ member: Jimmy Page

Artist: Roy Harper

Album: Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion

Release date: 1974

Tracks: ? (Does anybody know on which tracks Jimmy play?)

LZ member: Jimmy Page

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Jet Harris & Tony Meehan (The Shadows)

1963 - Diamonds - Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones


1965 - The Angry young Them - Jimmy Page

The Rolling Stones

1966 - Their Satanic Majesties Request - John Paul Jones (String Arrangements on She's Like a Rainbow)

1975 - Metamorphosis - Jimmy Page

1986 Dirty Work - Jimmy Page


1966 - Sunshine Superman - Jimmy Page

1967 - Mellow Yellow - John Paul Jones (Arranger)

1968 - Hurdy Gurdy Man - Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones & John Bonham

Joe Cocker

1969 - With A Little Help From My Friends - Jimmy Page

Stephen Stills

1984 - Right By You - Jimmy Page

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Bonzo played with the Nicky James Movement and The Senators. Not sure if he was on the NJM singles Stagger Lee/I'm Hurtin' Inside from 1965, but he is on one of The Senators singles, She's a mod.

Although not an album, Bonzo made a cameo in Son of Dracula with some other famous musicians.

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Also played drums on 3 Band of Joy demos: For What it's Worth/Got to Find My Baby/Hey Joe

Two of the tracks were released on Plant's "Sixty-Six to Timbuktu"

John Paul Jones

1964.xx.xx single: Baja/A Foggy Day in Vietnam

1966.xx.xx Beck's Bolero w/Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Keith Moon.

Jimmy Page: (there are so many of Jimmy's session recordings, impossible to list them all because Jimmy doesn't remember or doesn't want to divulge)

1962.xx.xx Neil Christian & The Crusaders: The Road to Love /The Big Beat Drum

1963.xx.xx Casey Jones & The Engineers single: One Way Ticket/I'm Gonna Love

1964.xx.xx Mickey Finn & The Blue Men: Not sure exactly which songs he performed that were released as singles.

1965.xx.xx JImmy Page All Stars: Keep Moving/She Just Satisfies

1965.xx.xx Bobby Graham single: Zoom, Widge and Wag.

1966.xx.xx London Allstars - British Percussion Album released in France and Italy (Barclay SIBS1004) with John McLaughlin and a bunch of other studio musicians. Produced by Bobby Graham.

1967.xx.xx Johnny Hallyday single: Psychedelia

1966.xx.xx Beck's Bolero w/John Paul Jones, Jeff Beck, and Keith Moon.

1985.03.22 "Scream For Help" Jimmy plays guitar on two tracks Crackback/Spaghetti Junction.


1967.09.xx Single on CBS records (2858): Long Time Coming/I've Got A Secret

1968.xx.xx (late) with Alexis Korner: Operator released on "Bootleg Him!" 1972.

also Steal Away released on "On the Move" 1996.

1979.12.29 with Rockpile Little Sister released on the Official "Concerts for the People of Kampuchea" album in 1981.


1968.09.xx Performed with PJ Proby on It's So Hard to Be a Ni**er/Jim's Blues/George Wallace is Rollin' in this Mornin' released on Proby's "Three Weeks Hero" album.

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Robert Plant

Goin Home - A Tribute to Fats Domino

Valley of Tears (featured The Soweto Gospel Choir)

Vanguard Records

Released 2007

There are two Robert Plant's songs on this album. The second one is

Robert Plant With Lil Band O' Gold

It Keeps Rainin'

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