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Toronto Zeppelin

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I never understood the entire Van Halen thing

It was something to do with the guitarist taking a revolutionary approach to playing that redefined the possibilities of the instrument and the singer insisting upon writing and performing songs people could dance too.

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Holy crap, Van Halen's first lp blew my mind I couldn't believe the sounds the man was pulling out of his strat!!

My favorite VH albums are the first one and 1984, that album's really energetic. I always pictured Van Halen as the Jimmy Page of the 80's.

I hope they come to my country, they were supposed to last year but the whole tour got canceled for some reason :(

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Last week I finished 'Red' Hagar's story intresting VH stuff but a familiar theme on Van Halen brothers,...

I have read 'Crazy from the Heat' and "Everybody wants Some' any other books on the band?

I think both Dave and Sammy would be fun to hang with,just not at the same time! :P

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Opening Night of the 2013 Japanese Tour in Nagoya

Spoiler Alert (Setlist below)


'Runnin' With The Devil'
'She's The Woman'
'Romeo Delight '
'Everybody Wants Some!!'
'Somebody Get Me A Doctor'
'China Town'
'Jamie's Cryin''
'Hear About It Later'
'Pretty Woman'
Drum Solo
'You Really Got Me'
'The Trouble With Never'
'Dance The Night Away'
'I'll Wait'
'And The Cradle Will Rock...'
'Hot For Teacher'
'Women In Love...'
'Atomic Punk'
'Mean Street'
'Beautiful Girls'
Dave's Short Film Tokyo Story
'Ice Cream Man'
Guitar Solo
'Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love'

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