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Toronto Zeppelin

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That was entertaining, Steve! Awesome that he is so talkative (and then asks their names...ha!). I love how he talks with such admiration about his son (good dad), and: everyone is born with a gift, talent is what you do with the gift. So profound!

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Steve, have you heard any news about any future Van Halen plans? I apologize if that was answered in the audio above.

The telephone interviews with Eddie that I posted were conducted in 2004, they just haven't been made widely available online until recently.

Regarding the future of Van Halen, according to David they are currently "working on a great Van Halen project — can't announce anything or I'd have to come find you and swear you to secrecy."

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For me they are the greatest American Rock Band.

I was 12 when John Bonham died, I was just discovering rock music at that time. AC/DC were the first band I loved and were the gateway into the wonderful world of music from there.

As it was 1980 of course Back in Black was the album of the day at that time so was a good place to start!!!

I first heard Eruption at 12 and thought what the f**k is that? Blew my mind.

Saw them at Donington 1984 just after my 16th birthday, whilst they were internally falling apart that show blew me away.

They've neglected Europe for so long now though. I've seen them 4 times and two of those were supporting Bon Jovi for Gods sake!!

Van Halen though in many ways though were my Zeppelin at that time and from thereon in though, I flipped over them and I still love them now.

I've compared them to LZ on a forum before and been lambasted for it but maybe I didn't explain accurately enough.

Of course LZ are the greatest but VH at that time dragged rock kicking and screaming from the 70s to the 80s.

Those albums with Roth in particular each in their own way had that unexplainable 5th element that just makes them so special. Even Diver Down!!!

They weren't afraid to experiment and each had their own quality that bought something together to make something quite incendiary...sound familiar?

I even loved the other incarnations, when Roth quit (or was fired depending who you believe) I was gutted but Hagar joined and bought something else to the band.

The best thing they did it not get a Roth replacement per se but someone who replaced Roth...if that makes sense!!!

I even liked the Cherone era...someone had to!!!

Awesome band. I just wish they'd do something like about releasing some material be it live DVD's Hagar era remasters or expanded/deluxe edition albums. Ah well you can dream?

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Well said tiptop22.I'm a tad older than you and I was working in my first job in a record shop when ITTOD came out and it sounded tired.The two Van Halen lps were out and i was amazed at the Eruption solo(as was a lot of people).So Van Halen was my new Zeppelin along with Rush.Not sure what state of mind EVH has at the moment.According to many sources he has heaps of things in the archives. I would love to see a live dvd/cd from the Fair Warning tour(there's video out there somewhere).Now with all the Zep action going on at the moment ,VH are very low down the list.

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To me they're OK. Have Van Halen, and Best of. Saw them live once-they sucked. one of the worst concerts I ever saw. BOOORINGGGG! This was with Sammy. He wasn't the problem, he was great. Eddie and the rest of the band were just going through the motions. Basically just standing there. the only reason I went was because I let one of my friends talk me into going to see them. NOTE: He also talked me into seeing Metallica and they also sucked live.

one of my brothers saw them live with Roth around the album 1984 and thought they were great. I like their recorded stuff with both singers. I prefer Hagar (I know I'm in the minority on that). Always liked Hagar a lot since his Montrose days and some of his solo stuff is killer.

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thanks for the topic, yes I`m a fan of the band more of the classic line up than the other line ups. how about the album, song and member are:



ice cream man

atomic punk


van halen

van halen ii


diver down


Dave Lee Roth

Edward Van Halen

what a great rock `n` roll band yeah cool rock band...

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Sadly, it's not from the 1981 Fair Warning Tour...but it's a start.


Interesting. But would rather have an album of new music instead. That tour was pretty heavily bootlegged, so most fans have probably heard the show or one very close to it.

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Im curious , did anyone here see them before they made it to the bigtime? Pasadena / Santa Barbara / Sunset Strip ? I didnt , but i did see 'em on their 1st tour and i was hooked from that point on.

Saw 'em several times in 1977 at the Whisky and elsewhere. You could tell right away they were next-level metal/hard rock...Metal 2.0, so-to-speak. More importantly, VH were a barrel of laughs and brought a lot of fun and girls to what was becoming a moribund scene.

The old guard of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Nazareth, Jethro Tull, Alice Cooper, Mott the Hoople...in 1977 all of these bands were years from their peak and if not already breaking up, they were close to becoming irrelevant whether they stayed together or not.

Aerosmith was beginning their downhill slide, Kiss was a joke, and ZZ Top was on a strange haitus. Queen and Zeppelin were English and infrequently touring. And all the new American bands like Kansas, Styx, Boston, Foreigner were boring, bland corporate FM rock.

Van Halen was the kick in the ass rock and roll needed. Punk rock provided the same kick, but only in a few select cities. Many radio stations in the U.S. refused to play punk-rock, whereas they would play Van Halen.

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Wow , goodtimes. Definitely 1 of my favorite bands . "Van Halen was the kick in the ass rock and roll needed ", i agree , the 70s rock scene was stagnating to the point of ugh. Id like to hear some of their cover tunes from back then. lol Hey lookie what i found, I guess... seek and you shall find.

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EVH at the Smithsonian "What It Means To Be An American" Event Feb. 12, 2015

Video of the event:




Van Halen’s innovation isn’t limited to his equipment. Quan noted that he pioneered the art of playing with both his right and left hands on the guitar’s frets. Grabbing a guitar, Van Halen talked about finding inspiration at a Led Zeppelin concert at the Forum in Inglewood, California. After seeing Jimmy Page play a lick with one hand on the guitar and the other raised up in the air, Van Halen decided to try placing his second hand on the frets as well. He played a few of the melodies that resulted to loud hoots from the audience.

The main reason he squeezed so many techniques out of the guitar was also “out of necessity,” said Van Halen. He couldn’t afford a wah-wah pedal, a fuzzbox, or other gear that created the processed sounds he sought. He had to rely on his fingers alone.

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