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2012 NCAA college Football


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Welcome, and a big Roll Tide! to all!

I can't picture a Tide repeat. USC is getting lots of attention, The Honey Badger is history....

How will Urban Meyer do at Ohio State? What about Wisconsin and Boise State?

Who is off the radar now, but could be a contender at season's end?

I'm buckling the seatbelt in my recliner beacause I hope it is a wild and crazy ride for the next few months.

Weigh in with your ideas and observations.

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Only two more years of this BCS crap.

USC is my team but I'm not buying the #1 ranking as of yet. Going on the starting unit, perhaps...but because of the scholarship probation, USC is very thin. We have no depth, so any injuries will likely kill USC's chances.

THE Game of the Day is without a doubt Michigan vs. Alabama at 5pm PST/8om EST.

Alabama, USC, LSU, Oregon...those seem to be the 4 main title hopefuls everyone agrees on. But every year, there is usually a black sheep that appears out of the blue. Who will it be this year?

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GREAT game to end the weekend...although I'll bet Strider was on the edge of his seat!

Congrats to the Tide for knocking the stuffing out of an over-ranked Whineverine squad, congrats to the Huskers for finally finding a passing offense (at least for one game), the CSU Rams for beating the Beefaloes....but the biggest congrats to Ohio for going into Penn State and beating them on their home turf!

I too hope they decide to go with the 4-team play-off a year early!

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Cheers to Virginia and her teams! Great game last night.

Stryder, I'll be keeping an eye on CSU this year due to your head coach and his ties around these parts. From what I've read, Coach McElwain should be a good fit and it sounds like the players really like his style.

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Some interesting games this weekend:

LSU/Washington - Washington's QB outshined Baylor's Hesiman trophy winner tin the Bowl last year, but it take smore than one guy to beat LSU.

Nebraska/UCLA - Both 1-0 and both have apoint to prove that their program is back!

Iowa/Iowa State - Neither team is ranked, but this game (though usually sloppy) is always a dog fight!

MIssouri/Georgia - Missouri's introduction to the SEC. Can they compete or will Georgia be able to retain the SEC's reputation?

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Proud of my Orange right now...3rd quarter and Syracuse is still hanging with the #2 ranked USC Trojans 21-16.

Close but no cigar, Walter. Nice freakish storm, too, interrupting the game. USC's defense is going to be a liability all season long...I cringe at what Oregon is going to do to us. Our best defense is our offense...just gotta hope we outscore everybody. Robert Woods and Marqise Lee will be playing on Sundays soon, I reckon.

A pretty good day for the Pac 12...besides USC and Oregon, UCLA, Oregon St. and Ariz. St. all had key victories over ranked opponents.

And here's a toast to you, Virginia! :toast: Both Virginia and VaTech had victories, the best being Virginia's over Penn St. My new second favourite team after USC is whoever plays Penn State. I hope Penn St. goes 0-12.

My top 5 this week:

1. Alabama

2. LSU

3. USC

4. Oregon

5. Oklahoma

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Although ALL THREE teasm I have an affiliation with lost this weekend (Nebraska, Texas A&M and CSU), at least I got to see the University of Colorado and Penn State lose....again!

Even though it was a bad weekend for me personally, I LOVE college football!

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Turns out it wasn't such a bad thing that I had to work tonight after all...saved me the agony of watching USC lose to Stanford and blow any chance they had of playing in the National Championship.

Not to mention the Angels losing again.

Sorry about your VA teams, Virginia.

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