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Jimmy is at it again...


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Jimmy Page at Mojo Magazine: “There are also a number of Led Zeppelin projects that will come out next year because there are different versions of tracks that we have that can be added to the albums so there will be a box sets of material that will come out next year. There will be one box set per album with extra music that will surface”

Peter Mench at The Sunday Times: "’In a taxi heading to the west London studio where Jimmy Page is holed up, remastering every Led Zeppelin LP."

Source: http://www.rockthebestmusic.com/2012/10/jimmy-page-nuevo-disco-y.html

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Check out his website's splash page. The last time that picture appeared, it was to announce the "Lucifer rising" album.


It's a repeat from the Lucifer Rising OTD from last year. I still love it. :wub: Thanks for saving it without the "Lucifer Rising" there. I love his trademark since Outrider of his itials.

I just hope he will update his site soon with new OTDS and what he is doing. Maybe more about this new album and the Zep stuff. It does sound like he's busy, but I hope it's soon. Because what about the DWII on sale OTD in early December? He can't really repeat that. :D

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