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The Scorpions


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Who the hell wants their Scorpions UNPLUGGED?!? That idea is right up there with New Coke and the Yugo. :slapface:

The Scorpions rocked in the '70s during the Michael Schenker and Uli Roth years and they rocked in the '80s up to "Love at First Sting" and the 1984-85 World Wide Sting Tour with the Matthias Jabs and Rudolf Schenker lineup. That tour was the last time I saw them...in Stuttgart with Joan Jett opening. Or was it Köln?

They were a fun band to see in concert, with the end of show guitar blowout, with all the band falling on top of each other, always a highlight.

Unfortunately, after that '84-85 peak, it was schlock and shit.

But I still crank the old albums every so often...everything from "In Trance" to "World Wide Live". But especially "Animal Magnetism".

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2ryodamhvM A performance clip of the song "In Trance", taken from Scorpions' forthcoming offering "MTV Unplugged".

Due in North America on January 21, 2014 via Sony International, material for "MTV Unplugged" is taken from the Scorpions' first-ever "MTV Unplugged" show and features new acoustic versions of best-loved classic hits, as well as five brand new songs. "MTV Unplugged" will be available in two formats - a standard CD and a deluxe version featuring CD + DVD. "MTV Unplugged" will be released in 50 countries, a testament to the German band's iconic status worldwide.

Recorded and filmed just a few months ago on September 11 and September 12 of this year. "MTV Unplugged" was culled from two dynamic acoustic sets at the Lycabettus Theatre in Athens, Greece. The spectacular open-air theatre, situated 300 meters above the city, was an impressive backdrop for the first-ever open-air show in the history of "MTV Unplugged" (the theatre also shares a birth year with the Scorpions themselves, having been built in 1965, the same year the Scorpions formed). Of the choice to film/record "MTV Unplugged" at the Lycabettus Theatre, Scorpions' singer/guitarist Klaus Meine commented, "We have fabulous fans all over the world, but the Greeks are absolute die-hards fans."

Scorpions is Klaus Meine (vocals/guitar), Rudolf Schenker (guitars/vocals), Matthias Jabs (guitars), Pawel Maciwoda (bass) and James Kottak (drums); additional musical support on "MTV Unplugged" includes contributions from Swedish musicians and producers Mikael Nord Anderson (guitars, mandolin, lap steel, vocals) and Martin Hansen (guitars, harmonica, vocals). The duo is also responsible for the arrangements on "MTV Unplugged".

"MTV Unplugged" track listing:


01. Sting In The Tail

02. Can't Live Without You

03. The Best Is Yet To Come

04. Dancing With The Moonlight (new song)

05. Delicate Dance (new song)

06. Love Is The Answer (new song)

07. Follow Your Heart (new song)

08. Send Me An Angel

09. Where The River Flows

10. Rock You Like A Hurricane

11. Blackout

12. Still Loving You

13. Big City Nights

14. Wind Of Change

15. No One Like You


01. Sting In The Tail

02. Can't Live Without You

03. Pictured Life

04. Speedy's Coming

05. Born To Touch Your Feelings

06. The Best Is Yet To Come

07. Dancing With The Moonlight (new song)

08. In Trance

09. When You Came Into My Life

10. Delicate Dance (new song)

11. Love Is The Answer (new song)

12. Follow Your Heart (new song)

13. Send Me An Angel

14. Where The River Flows

15. Passion Rules The Game

16. Rock You Like A Hurricane

17. Hit Between The Eyes

18. Drum-Athenica

19. Rock N' Roll Band (new song)

20. Blackout

21. Still Loving You

22. Big City Nights

23. Wind Of Change

24. No One Like You

25. When The Smoke Is Going Down

Scorpions are still in the midst of their epic farewell tour; the tour has been going on for more than three years now. To the delight of their fans there is no end in sight, as to date the band has only played 23 out of the 38 countries planned on the itinerary.

Scorpions is one of the most successful international hard rock bands of all time, selling upwards of 75 million records worldwide and playing more than 5,000 concerts in 80+ countries globally. Formed in Germany in 1965, the band has come to be known for its colossal radio and MTV hits "Rock You Like A Hurricane", "No One Like You" and "Wind Of Change", as well as their status as international rock ambassadors. VH1 ranked Scorpions as the #46 Artist on the "Greatest Artists Of Hard Rock" special, while "Rock You Like A Hurricane" came in at #18 on VH1's "Greatest Hard Rock Songs". The band recently recieved a star on the Hollywood RockWalk in Los Angeles. To date, Scorpions have released 18 studio albums and 5 live records.


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Ooooops...I goofed. 1984 wasn't the last time I saw the Scorpions. It was July 24, 1988 at the Los Angeles Coliseum...the Monsters of Rock tour. That's how powerful Metallica was...their set completely obliterated my memory of everyone else on the bill: Kingdom Clone, Dokken, Scorpions, and Van Hagar. Who all sucked, by the way.

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Ooooops...I goofed. 1984 wasn't the last time I saw the Scorpions. It was July 24, 1988 at the Los Angeles Coliseum...the Monsters of Rock tour. That's how powerful Metallica was...their set completely obliterated my memory of everyone else on the bill: Kingdom Clone, Dokken, Scorpions, and Van Hagar. Who all sucked, by the way.

Yep! Saw that gig at the old sombrero, Tampa Stadium in June of 1988 - Metallica kicked EVERYONE'S ass that day! Saw the Scorps in the summer of '84 with Fastway (Syracuse War Memorial), MOR in '88, and the obligatory show with Mrs. Walter in '91 (just engaged and she'd never seen them before) where they played so fast they had to be so coked-up!

Really loved the late 70's early '80's Scorps! "The Zoo" anyone???

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Scorpions drummer jailed for insulting Islam in Dubai airport

DUBAI // a member of the heavy metal band Scorpions was yesterday sentenced to a month in jail for insulting Islam and lifting his middle finger at Muslims at an airport.

James Kottak, 51, the American drummer for the German band whose hits include Rock You Like A Hurricane, said he drank five glasses of wine on a flight from Moscow to Dubai.

-He was in transit to Bahrain to perform at the country's Formula One grand prix about 11pm on April 3.

He said he and a friend had taken a wrong turn and entered the transit hall. Kottak was arrested for being drunk and became angry, witnesses said.

They said he started swearing and talking about "non-educated Muslims", then flashed his middle finger at Pakistani passengers. Police said he also exposed his behind.

Kottak, who pleaded not guilty to insulting Islam and raising his middle finger, was also fined Dh2,000 for drinking without a liscense, to which he pleaded guilty.

He has been held since April 3, and will be released soon because of the time served.

Policeman AA said he heard Kottak say, "What is this disgusting smell?" before he insulted Islam.

"I didn't see anything else but I heard him, I then informed my superior, who came and took the defendent away," AA said.

S O, 27, a customer service employee at the airport, said: "When he saw the Pakistani and Afghan passengers, he covered his nose and said that there was no way he will travel with them."

He added that the drummer then started swearing repeatedly at the arrivals area of Terminal 2.

"He wasn't talking to a person specifically but was talking in general," said S O. "He was very nervous at the time and talking loudly."

A B, 25, a Jordanian passenger services agent, said Kottak came over to her and was talking loudly. She said: "He was shouting 'non-educated Muslims' then he went to the office of the head and flashed his middle finger at the passengers."

Police said in records that when he lowered his trousers he was asking people to touch his behind.

"I don't remember saying these words and I did not flash my middle finger," Kottak said to prosecutores.

When asked about taking down his trousers, he said "this is not true--i just lifted my shirt up to show the tattoo on my back" as a "spontaneous act".

"There is no way that I would say such a phrase about Muslims, whether I was drunk or not," he told police. "I confess to drinking alcohol but I refuse the other two charges, I did not do them."

At Dubai Court of Misdemeanours yesterday, his lawyer said his client was innocent and the witnesses must have been misunderstood.

"Their testimonies are contradictory, your honour," said Hamid AJ Khazraji.


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According to YLE.Fin http://yle.fi/uutiset/scorpions_rider_brings_price_spike_to_festival_tickets/7367566 , fans of German hard rock veterans Scorpions were forced to fork out an extra 30 euros each to see the band perform at a festival in Finland because of the "diva-esque stipulations" made by the group in their agreement with the promoter. Among the items requested by Scorpions in the 38-page "rider" -- a list of requirements for their performances -- for their July 26 appearance the Kuopio RockCock festival in Kuopio were a chauffeur-driven Mercedes for each member, individual porcelain toilets and a record-breaking enormous stage.

"The extent of the demands is huge," festival organizer Allu Koskinen told Savon Sanornat. "We're talking about tens of thousands of euros."

The rider reportedly required of the organizers to build new, individual porcelain toilets for all five bandmembers, and provide a Mercedes-Benz car for each musician with matching, uniformed chauffeurs. In addition, the band requested a 20-by-14-meter stage, bigger than any stage that had ever been seen at the Kuopio festival before.

Koskinen told Savon Sanornat that the list came as a surprise to the organizers. The ticket prices had already been announced before the Scorpions issued their demands.



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