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Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams


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Confusing to me as in the United States almost (as far as I know) you can cut down ANYTHING growing on/over your property line. I have some huge privacy shrubs that grow over to my neighbors property and he’s free to cut down all that grows on his property. 

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Yes, that's generally the case in the UK too. Although here, any overgrowing branches etc that you cut off your neighbour's tree have to be put on his property afterwards! It's bizarre - chucking the branches over his fence always strikes me as more likely to cause trouble than just cutting them off in the first place! In this particular case, it could be that the trees are specifically mentioned as contributing to the setting of a listed building (in which case, Listed Building Consent would be required - this is probably what Jimmy got and which Williams was refused). The trees in front of Williams' house could have tree preservation orders on them - to get rid of them he'd have to show that the damage they were causing outweighed the benefit of keeping them.  If they were likely to fall on the house that'd be one thing - undermining a boundary wall, not so much. I'm just glad that Williams was told 'no' for once.😉

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