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What (Non-Led Zeppelin) Live Show or Song Are You Listening To At This Moment?


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If I recall my timeline correctly this came out in mid 1971.  I did not really hear Zep until fall 1971 when I got introduced to LZ 2.  My older brother and his friends were jamming to this album in summer 1971.  

I think it was the first live rock album I ever heard and it blew me away, especially the electric set.  A year later I wanted a copy for myself.  The closest real record store was 20 miles away.  (The local "strip mall" had some type of  cheapo version of K Mart - I am not sure K Mart was even in existence then - but they only stocked the latest Top 20 type releases and singles).   I got a ride to the "real" mall with my mom and had to order the album, since it was now 1 year old and out of stock.  Well it took forever to come in, and when it did I could not wait to get it home.  Of course it was warped and had skips in it so it had to be reordered - what agony waiting for that second order to come in.    I had older friends tell me the harmonies on the acoustic set were not great, but at age 13 in 1972  I did not care.  I wanted to crank out the electric set. 


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On 6/8/2019 at 5:40 PM, Kiwi_Zep_Fan87 said:

Can't believe this beauty will be turning 40 in two weeks!

Yes, I am already celebrating! :P 



Certainly a love of my life. And I can't believe I bought the LP 40 years ago (well, maybe just 39.5 years ago)
Cheers  :drinks:
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