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Foo Fighters Fans


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Dave Grohl is amazing. He pretty much can do it all with guitars, vocals, drums, and songwriting. I don't know of many others who can.

I've been a fan for sometime.... seen them at the Arizona State Fair with QOTSA, at a taping for The Tonight Show and a few other dates.

hopefully next one will be at the LA Forum!

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I'm not a huge fan of Foo Fighters but I agree that only them and QotSA can play true rock'n'roll nowadays. Other bands become now only boysbands. That sad what has left after rock'n'roll.

Anyway, I like Dave Grohl and I disagree that his plays are just comedys. It's called an art :P

I've heard on BBC Dave had been chosen one of 10 best drummers of the world. Of course Bonzo has win.

Does anybody remember that JPJ has played on FF's CD? But (I'm sorry) I can't remember on which :)

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I also love the Foo Fighters. To me, they seem to be getting better and better. I loved their recent last album, and I especially loved the classy double cd, "In Your Honor". Of course as it featured John Paul Jones, what else would you expect?

Foo Fighters are definately one of the best rock bands today.

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