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God Hates the World


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I don't plan on burning in hell. They probably think we will go to hell though. But I don't think God hates the world. It says in the bible that there will be some kind of war before he comes back anyway, doesn't mean he hates us though.

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How's that for being a "Christian?"


"God Hates Fags"

"It's too late to change his mind"

"God hates the world...and all his people...(that means you!)"

"You'll eat your kids...(yes you will)..."


Isn't the biggest basis of Christianity forgiveness for sins you've repented for?

BTW---love the "family values" of giving your child a "God Hates Fags" sign to hold. Really classy...not only are they teaching very small children about sexuality, they're also teaching them to HATE...

freaks. :rolleyes:

Oh crap...I'm also being VERY judgmental...but I'm still better than them. ROFL :lol:

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