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Jason Bonham photo from 1967


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10 hours ago, Mook said:

By the way, I don't think it's a wig. There's definitely mention of an (Hendrix inspired) afro in one of my John Bonham books by one of his acquaintances.

I have a memory of reading that too. Whole Lotta hairspray!

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I can believe it's father and son,  but damn something about the photo looks doctored.:huh:
When you ENLARGE the picture the sunglasses look more like something has been blacked
out and not symmetrical eye wear, and his one hand looks fake. If it's due to the transformation
of a 50 year old image from black and white into color, than I say he's rocking a wig. With all the
online images there are of Bonham, wouldn't there be others of him and this faux 'fro? A curling
iron and hairspray wouldn't work. Only a chemcical perm using rods would achieve an afro
style with his type of hair. This would mean he would have been sporting an afro for a couple of
months - hence the word 'permanent'.

Cool photo regardless tho!

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Well he wasn't famous in 1967 & the only other pictures I've seen from 1967 are the Band of Joy ones (see below). It's quite possible that he went two or three months without many pictures being taken of him (after having his hair curled). Someone would probably have to ask Pat Bonham if it was a wig although as per my earlier post, there is mention of a Hendrix-inspired afro in the John Bonham books (Thunder of Drums or Mick Bonham's book), I'll need to check.

Image result for john bonham 1967

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