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Robert Plant tennis shoes (Brand etc) from the 1972 Australia Perth Comcert

The Mysterious One

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9 hours ago, TheStairwayRemainsTheSame said:

Bloody hell..


What has this fanbase come to?

Well,at least this subject is better than an old thread here in which people described whether they scrunched or folded their toilet paper.

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17 hours ago, TheStairwayRemainsTheSame said:

Never saw that!

Count your lucky stars.I think it was during an extremely quiet LZ period and was surreal reading 😵

17 hours ago, JTM said:

You've only been here "five minutes"  😉


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On ‎11‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 6:39 PM, The Mysterious One said:

Everyone that has a problem with my questions can bloody well kiss my Donald Trump American asshole.

oh and have nice day 

You have Donald Trump's asshole? The real mystery is on the one hand how such a situation came about, and on the other, how is the Orange One having bowel movements? Under such circumstance I can finally understand Trump's 3am tweets. Poor bastard.

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