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G.O.A.T. game


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How could it be anyone but Shakespeare?

Still, just for fun, here are ten others that I like:

1. Peter Schaeffer, who wrote Amadeus that was turned into the movie, and also Equus in which Daniel Radcliffe got nekkid.

2. Caryl Churchill, who writes surreal plays about England and one about the Romanian Revolution.

3. Edward Albee, who along with famous works like Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?, recently wrote one of the funniest, most twisted plays ever written: the Goat. The title says it all.

4. Samuel Beckett, of Waiting For Godot fame. People think that play is weird, but it was as normal as his writing got.

5. Tennessee Williams

6. Tom Stoppard- Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is utterly brilliant.

7. Moliere. I didn't get Moliere until I read a translation that was just a bit looser as a direct translation, but put into rhyme. The original in french rhymes and when you read Moliere in rhyme you realize that he is hilarious.

8. Tony Kushner- Angels in America is beautiful.

9. David Hare- Only really familiar with Plenty, but it's so great I'm going to check out more.

10. Sam Shepard- Love his play True West.

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Where the hell's your question, Sammy?


Forgot one and missed your reply. It's almost bedtime for this guy.

And here's an answer to your next one. You could have guessed, anyway :P

Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Greatest murder mystery ever?

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I've heard "over indulgence on berries." No shit. Pun intended.

But it ties with "I'm in jaill," and they're NOT.

Greatest excuse not to hang out with someone you like but just don't feel like it at the time? (man that's awkwardly worded....) :blink:

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I don't know if it's technically a "drinking scene", but a character is sipping on alcohol...

The exchange between Ed Harris and Al Arkin in Glengarry, Glen Ross (they're deciding on whether or not to rob their workplace)... Classic stuff.

Greatest song (or, if you prefer, type of music) to drink to?

or, if you don't drink: Greatest song/genre to crochet to?

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I used to do "flaming doctor peppers" in college. You fill a shot glass most of the way with root beer schnaps, then stack some high proof alcohol on top and light it on fire. Then you fill a wide mouthed mug about half way with a fairly light beer, drop the flaming shot glass into it and shoot the whole thing.

Greatest scandal of all time?

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