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Hot Pics of Robert

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I believe these were from STH from TSRTS? I love 73-75 Robert. Check out his behind as he tenses them when he reaches the high notes of the last verse of SIBLY. Ummm...beyond toned...

I know he had such a cute butt (his son Logan has exactly the same butt it's so funny...)

here some from me... :wub::wub:






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Its not him. This has been doing the rounds for years.

really? I always thought it's him because it appeared in several sites of Robert pics and it was always written that it is him...

sorry if it's not him anyway...

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WOW! Adi!

Love love love this one!

I don't know where you are getting all your wonderful pics....but thank you so much for sharing!!!

you're welcome I'm glad you like 'em... I'm always more than happy to post Robert's pics...

oh and it's all thanks to my hard work of searchin' for hours on the net and in magazines... ;)

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hi Adi i would like to know where this pic was taken? and what year? hopefully you can help. thank you so much for sharing Adi:)

Year: 1971

location: Dallas, Texas

BTW welcome to the forum :)

Edited by Adi
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