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Hot Pics of Robert

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Mr Thin-Lips there would have been in his forties when that was taken, yes. It's a gorgeous pic, isn't it?

Very sexy! If only to meet him in my lifetime. Robert's a Leo and I am an Aries. A great match! Maybe in another life and time, our pasts will connect. I still believe Dreams do come true. I don't think that he reads the website, so he will never read this posting. I can still dream...

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I wasn't complaining about them, MSG--just pointing out a fact! When not pouting, his lips aren't the largest part of him, let's say. :D

Not a criticism, just an observation--after all, who started this thread you're all enjoying?! ;)

We all thank you for starting this HOT thread Aqua :notworthy::bravo:

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Have you ever noticed that he's hardly got any lips?

Just thought I'd mention it! :D

yes, and I adore his lips! I find that quite many English/British gentlemen have rather thin lips. :D I mean, look at mr. Daniel "James Bond" Craig for example! daniel_craig.jpg

(ok, his lower lip IS "plumper", haha, but I guess you know what I mean.)

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tks for posting these Lo...I have never seen any of these before!!!, the third one, he could sure use some company over a cup of tea (we could discuss music, art and LIPS!!!) :D

that would be nice to discuss (lips) lol and your welcome. heres one with a Nazi hat.


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Well, in c4plant's pics he's pouting again, so you can knock off the :rolleyes: (check his lips in their normal position--Jesus, I make a simple observation and you'd think I'd insulted his manhood!)

and in that one ^^ I don't think Robert looks any more cool wearing Nazi (or Luftwaffe) regalia than Jimmy does.

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