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Hot Pics of Robert

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A hairdo only a mother can love!!! I love the mullet, but this pic, is atrocious!!! He's so feminine!!!

I don't believe I just said that!! :huh:


Robert has said that the mullet made him look like a waitress....so I think he shares your opinion, KMS. ;)

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I found it!! :yay:


This man has got to be THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE! In the 70's, 80's 90's, 2000's. Name the decade. He is It! Even those cheesy pics of the 80's could not weaken the man's sex appeal!

C'mon everybody we have got to make Robert the sexiest man of THE YEAR THIS YEAR!!!! :rolleyes:

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^^LOL! Those pics are interesting and looks like Robert is surely enjoying it! When I was in the Google search looking at the Jimmy pics from Japan, I typed in Robert's name and looks like in one of those pics while he was at the game, he was yelling something to the dancers, wonder what it was? Something funny I am sure. :)

BTW, I didn't care much for his 80's hair. I love the hair on him shoulder length the best, I think it fits him better. It really brings out his sexiness. But he does have a gorgeous smile, regardless.

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Julie I started this thread but credit goes to Sunray who supplied the first and latest pic of Robert.

My bad, RP...sorry for the brain fart! :P You are a genius, m'love, for coming up with the idea for this thread :notworthy:




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