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Hot Pics of Robert

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My bad, RP...sorry for the brain fart! :P You are a genius, m'love, for coming up with the idea for this thread :notworthy:




KMSLOVESJULIE!!!!!! :kiss:

These are wonderful, the Sexiest thing about this Man is his Smile!!!! or lack of it at times, maybe just that Grin!!! :blush:

btw!!! I just adore the one with blue shirt, and the CHEST!!!!!!!!!!!! :wub: ooooooh yeah!!!!!!

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Getting older is not for sissys, and Robert makes many small comments about himself getting older. Even in the Hall of Fame Induction speech he teases about it. In the MSG the other night he also said he's kind of "creeky" now. He knows his looks have changed, and I think he accepts it, but is a little sad even his absolute beauty had faded with time passing.

He still is a handsome man and still is sexy in his own right, but the younger Robert Plant was and is the dream weaver of fantasies. :wub:

P.S. If you look closely at TSRTS DVD from '73 you will notice his teeth are missing on the side. All high profile people get their teeth fixed when the money comes rolling in.

bless!!! 9.gif

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In 75 he had his teeth fixed. They weren't rotting and bad after 75.

Ah. Kinda figured. :D

Funny that, about his chest. Hehehe... my best girlfriend knows my aversion to chest hair (or at least more than a little), and said, upon watching the "Whole Lotta Love" video someone synced quite well (which I can't seem to get uploaded to my mp3 player anymore!), "He has chest hair, and you like him?" Why, yes. Yes I do. :wub:

And yes, his bottom definitely is worth mentioning. :blush:

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