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Hot Pics of Robert


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Sorry, slave to zep, I don't know what that means... but I hope you could see the pic on this forum now... have you fun with LZ friends here ... :peace:

I could always see the pic after you posted it. but when I tried to post it, the forum wouldn't let me, and I got that error message. probably had something to do with where I got it from - facebook. but thanks again for posting it for me :)

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I don't think it's photoshopped, in TSRTS he is wearing a jeans top, this red one doesn't seem like jeans to me... what do you think?

From a distance, that red top looks a very similar cut to the one from TSRTS, only a different colour....but then again it could be just me.

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Hi all you Plant fans :)

just wanted to ask if any of you know whether Robert and Patty are still together?

I only ask this because of what he says here in this interview ... that his girlfriend is 29. Patty is much older than 29 ... of course, he could be joking around...

thanks in advance :)


They are not together

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