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Hot Pics of Robert


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I've been checking out this thread (and salivating, and fainting once in a while!), and a few others in this Forum - especially Robert's jeans! - and really enjoying everyone's very generous contributions, but now I have one of my own. There are about 7 new videos on YouTube from a concert Robert did in Rio in 1994, posted TODAY. Most have fewer than 20 views so far, and few or no comments, although I'll be rectifying that soon! "Thank You" "Going to California" "Ramble On" "In The Mood" and others. And brother is he HOT! And in GREAT VOICE!

Search Robert Plant Rio and you'll find them. Here are my faves.



Enjoy, my sister Robert-aholics! :)

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"Oh my, look at those tummy hairs....I wish I could......" Cat types as she loses conciousness. :wub:

(thanks for sharing)

Be careful what you wish........... :P:lol:





My apologies in case of heart failure....... :wacko:

And I don't care what people say

And I don't care what they do

Sweet child I gotta make you mine

You're the only thing that I want: You!

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