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Hot Pics of Robert


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oh Frank, you're great!! thank you!!! when I saw the 1st photo..I could hardly believe my eyes...extraorinarly beautiful....

It's such a wonderful delight to look at him...))))

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I found this photo on the net. couldn't find where to put it,I thought their was a groupie thread? :rolleyes: sorry if this is in wrong place. but i have never seen this one. as wondering who the girl was.


aww, their tops are colour coordinated! (sp?) :D

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Hi, just dropping by again...I found this picture on my travels and I though you girls could have a good gawp at it...I don't have much use for it really! Enjoy:


Love Richard. :kiss: :kiss:

I've never seen Plant playing guitar... thanks for sharing!! :D

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He played an amazing electric guitar once here, don't know if it was the herb floating around or what but he KICKED butt! I couldn't believe it. It was this itty bitty square guitar that sounded like Hendrix. I was told later by someone who knows that it was Jimmy's guitar.

Blew me away. I actually had to sit down. :o

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