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Hot Pics of Robert


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He looks pretty wasted :blink:

He had the flu in that picture.....i think thats correct (?)......still looks amazing though! :wub:

Yes, he had either a cold or the flu in this photo. He looks like he may have been running a fever. This photograph was published in Hit Parader when I first saw it, if memory is correct.

1975-The Physical Graffiti tour started not with a bang, but a whimper; Jimmy Page caught a finger in a train door, breaking it and forcing him to play with only three fingers on that hand. The first Chicago show was agreed to be a disaster all around, but things got better on the second leg of the tour, despite a Plantian case of flu.

On February 25th Physical Graffiti was finally released, Zep's Swan Song (ahem) debut.

-Susan Whitall


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Plus more Bonnaroo pics here:


Great pics of him at Bonnaroo! :D

I am surprised there aren't any videos of their performance on Youtube yet from Bonaroo! I keep checking but none posted yet!

I am still trying to get over not getting to see/hear Robert this Thursday in St. Louis, MO since they rescheduled their concert to Sept! :(

I hope I can make it till the end of Sept to see him! Never seen/heard him in person and I was so looking forward to it this week, when I got the email and phone message about the rescheduled date I was so disappointed. I am wondering if they really rescheduled it due to the forecasting flooding they are calling for in St. Louis, MO this Thursday/Friday...suppose to be worse flooding than it was in 1995 I have been hearing. The Fox Theatre where the concert was to be this Thursday is located in downtown St. Louis, MO but not that close to the Mississippi River and the Landing. They said they rescheduled it and added a second night so they could film a dvd of the concert which will be cool but I just wish I didn't have to wait almost 3 months to see Robert!!!

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This picture has always been one of my favorites of Robert - sorry if it was already posted :)


Looking HOT!!:wub::wub:

Of course it has been already posted but.. who cares? :D it's always a pleasure to look at him so thank you))

and Spacewoman, BlackCountryWoman, thaks too for the great pictures :kiss:

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Not my kind of picture but I've read somewhere that Peter Grant always loved Percy... I don't remember where I read that?

umm.. am I the only one who finds that pic really adorable? :unsure::D

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thanks for all the pics...

Robert is gorgeous *.*

You've got a point! It's hard to be indiffenent when the guy you like is always saying or doing stupid things...Even though he looks like Robert, just look through Robert pictures one more time and realise that he's not better than him, so he doesn't deserve you sadness)))


Oh and thank you soo much for the pictures...mmm)

yeah...But I just ignore him!

yes!!! that's rigth!! I already said it... No-ones better than Robert...no-one!! *.*

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