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Post a Picture of your Pets


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Absolutely adorable...all of the pets on this page :wub: :wub:

:wub: I know. I love this thread. Everybody has such cute babies. :wub:

These are my beagles, Captain Jack Sparrow and Murphy Brown.


Murphy, the little one standing, turns 16 years old in January.

They were a bit miffed because I interupted their 'sniff-on' at PetSmart to get their picture taken. :lol:

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Buddy's a kissey boy, I see. He's so cute.

Yes. Buddy's getting quite old...he's 15 or 16 I think, my dad got him as a 2 or 3 year old adult dog when I was 13. I don't see him much lately, so he's always very excited when I come to my mom's house.

I didn't let him lick my mouth though--I was too quick for that old man! :lol:

Black Dawg---she's beautiful!

I love dogs. I love cats. I love furry animals. :wub:

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