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Post a Picture of your Pets

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speaking of being fixed and not knowing what to do, that reminds me of our cats, and when we got the second one. We already had the boy, Sammy, then rescued the girl, Petunia. He was already fixed, and she wasn't. So she would throw herself at him, and he was like "huh?" She would follow him around, then lay down in front of him with her butt in the air, as if to say "do me!" And he'd just kinda climb on her and nibble at her neck, cuz he didn't know what else to do! Then we got her fixed, and it's amazing how it's like shutting off a switch, she never cared about that again...

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She's a Welsh Corgi Pembroke :) . Glad you like her :D .

She's so cute! My mom has 2 pembrokes, but they both had their tails docked as puppies... I haven't ever seen one with its tail! I'll have to show her that picture, she's always wanted to know what they'd look like.

Do you also find it's true that they are the "clowns of the dog world?"

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