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Post a Picture of your Pets


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Aw, that's so cute haha.

And back to the topic of possessed cats, if you think Stinky looks possessed you should see my brother's cat Sammy.


I have the queen of all posessed cats- her name is Scooter. I have a pic of her back at the beginning of the thread- it's hard to get one of her not looking like she wants to jump on you and bite you in the neck like the killer rabbit. :lol:

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So these are my two. They are both in hibernation at the moment, which means although they are in a fridge right next to my computer, I'm still missing them and looking for every excuse to get photos out!!!!!



I think Jacques thinks he's a dinosaur not a little tort! :D


This is Mika proving what a hard life it is being a tortoise! :D

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LadyHelena asked me to post the pic, but she didn't say where I should post it. So I posted it twice, just to be sure I did the right thing. :lol:

Thank You Celia :D I don't mind at all where it's posted.

Yep that is my Bucky :D I like to think he is smiling in that pic.

Kat your dog is sooooo adorable! :wub:

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There sure are some adorable animals around here! Love 'em all and the German Shepard and Turtle really stand out in my mind because I used to have a German Shepard and well the turtle is a reptile!

I hope that these pictures of my owner post OK. The Bearded Dragon extraordinaire Mr. Geekie made me pay him twelve extra crickets for the right to post them. He got his name because of the way that he likes to sneak between my hands as I am typing and look up at the computer screen like he has some kind of a clue. He also watches television and hides when the birds (outside of the screen) get too close.

He really is a hoot, he never ever bites anyone and likes to be held. It's kind of funny because he will let anyone hold him but the minute that I walk into the room he starts squirming until I take over the job of holder.




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