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Post a Picture of your Pets


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Awww...Paul! :wub:

I love kitties! (My cat was 2 when I got him, never saw Oscar as a little kitty...)

Lady R! Nice couch! Nice furniture! LOL I fogot that we have matching living rooms!

The cat's cool, too.

We do :lol: Only the tables came from my great grandmother.

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Our Aussie crocs are the best ever, mate! You see, we can pat and sit on them :lol::lol::lol::lol:

My sis and I in Palm Cove, Cairns, in beautiful Queensland.

The pictures, though,are really of a bad quality. We had big problems with our camera, resulting with all our pictures taken during our holiday being ruined. :(



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That's not real is it. I wouldn't pat a crocodile with a ten foot barge pole. Make that twenty foot. I've heard too many stories of those things, and they look pretty shifty too!

But I have to agree, the Australian ones are the best :D

Hahahaha :hysterical::hysterical: don't tell me you thought it was real... :D

This beautiful example of fake croc was sitting at the entrance of the resort where we stayed..

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