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desert island scenario


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forgive me if this has already been done

you are a castaway on a desert island with only wild creatures for company

you already have a cd player with live forever batteries

considering you're going to be on there a while

what *three* things would you take - and only one music cd is allowed and no tv's

my three things would be

1. lord of the rings (i, ii & iii) book so i could read it again and again...AND again

2. physical graffiti - i would never feel alone with the boys blasting out all over the island

3. a mirror - so i could have long conversations with myself

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Seargant Pepper's lonely hearts club band...so that I'll never be lonely.

a wild creature - human being- translator, so that I can persuade the tigers not to eat me.

The book "How to build a boat out of coconuts and escape from lonely islands"(maybe I would cheat and glue in some Dylan Thomas short-stories)

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1. Toothpaste, shampoo, soap, a mirror.

2. A beautiful woman like Eva Mendes or Sienna Miller to get it on with. They could bring a full supply of makeup with them.

3. A radio with lots of batteries.

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1. A blow-up doll with blonde hair.

2. A blow-up doll with red hair.

3. A blow-up doll with brunette hair.

From 'Family Guy' when they went to the sex shop:

Joe Swanson: 'Why do all these dolls have surprised looks on their faces?'


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