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  2. fantastic !! Always loved that keyboard part and it really comes through here. Thanks
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  4. Jimmy really seems to be enjoying life I’m happy for him
  5. “Listen To This Eddie” RULES!!!
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  7. Walter

    2019 NFL Thread

    We suck, but still n first place....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. Yay for the loss. Not for my parlay. I really did not think the Jets were going to give Dallas this much trouble and they burned them on a 92 yard play. Dallas has serious defensive issues. OK, pick. Now they must score
  9. What an absolute DISGRACE DALLAS IS. Are you fucking kidding me? Bastards
  10. I went to that the chi it at the MET, it was amazing. Would love to know what Jimmy was saying in that picture!
  11. They never played it live and Jimmy didn't like the song. But Alyona has been singing this one on stage for a few years.
  12. Seattle Kansas City Washington Minnesota Jacksonville Baltimore San Francisco Atlanta Denver Dallas Chargers Green Bay
  13. Google is your friend, just enter: "Ginger Baker beats up Jack Bruce" and watch about a hundred selections pop up. Hello, this is 2019 calling, not 1977.
  14. Last round, L.A. - 9/4/70 was eliminated. Round 10. If you'd like to read all about it, here is the post with all the important info and here is the post for this round. The round posts include a detailed tracker of which show goes out when and the remaining shows. If none of that interests you and you'd like to go straight to voting, this is a direct link to the poll.
  15. Now this I agree with. The beginning of the movie was strong with Skinny & the other guy but after that the movie was just too scattered, too much which made no sense. Robert Forrester was also great, fantastic character actor who was amazing in Jackie Brown.
  16. Junior: Seattle Kansas City Washington Phili Sacksonville Baltimore Lambs Atlanta Tennessee Dallas San Diego Green Bay
  17. This promotional item is titled The Firm Talks Business. My copy is buried in the archives but bassist Tony Franklin would like to hear it. Does anyone know of a link online to the audio or be willing to upload it? Thanks!
  18. R.I.P. Ginger Baker, you surely were one of the best!
  19. Seattle Kansas City Miami Philadelphia New Orleans Baltimore L.A. Rams Atlanta Denver Dallas Chargers Green Bay
  20. This Nite Owl version is fantastic.
  21. Season 2 Episode 2 Premieres tomorrow (Monday, 10/14). R😎👍
  22. Me: Carolina Mrs Walter: Carolina Jr: still asleep.....Carolina
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