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  2. I'd love to have it too.
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  4. Stuck in my head for days and I love it
  5. Shakshuka: the in-meal of the moment. Fantastic Eggplant (marinated in olive oil and pomegranate juice, oven-baked) with pomegranate seeds and tahini dip Tomato cucumber salad Falaffel (mix from the supermarket. One day I'll try one of the dozen recipes I collected over the years, one day ...) Hummus (from the supermarket, one day ... see above)
  6. Like crepes but slightly thicker and I like them with blueberries also very much. Had to google Apple Butter, sounds terrific. It's slightly different form our apple sauce.
  7. For Gloria I liked the original version of Umberto Tozzi more but in those days I loved Self Control
  8. Ha! Double post, please delete lol.
  9. What a great song and performer. So the Blues have use her song as a fight song after their wins. Good to remember her, quite a singer was she and a tragic end
  10. Play this tribute when the Blues win!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I think it's most likely due to the source supplying those boards to EVSD. Whoever that person (or group of people) is knows just how legendary those shows are and is presumably hoarding them until they get the money they feel they deserve. That being said, I fully get the frustration. Having a tease like 9/29 or 9/28 happen with no follow up or news on what happened is very disheartening. This surprises me. Not saying you're wrong of course, but I would think that if EVSD were to announce that they have a soundboard of, say, Long Beach 75 and that they needed 100 preorders before shipping it, people would eat it up. I know their market isn't huge, but I'd be surprised if they would not be able to recoup their investment from doing that. Heck, they could jack up the price even further if they needed/wanted to in that scenario. Since their releases get leaked immediately, I'd say that's the next best thing to do. Maybe their market is even smaller than I thought it was.
  12. I'm very much looking forward to this. Very skeptical if they'll be any footage we haven't seen before, but hope I'm surprised! If profitable , this could open the door to several other docs. 70-75 in their own words would be fascinating and visually stunning on the large screen, even if they only used restored footage we've seen on boots forever. 79-80 , as stated in prior comments would be a long shot to be done in their own words. I would think that would have to be spun into another direction. ..and getting them to sign off on using footage of that time period may be a long process. Either way, this is beyond cool ! @gibsonfan159 I like that thought of live audio or maybe even a series of live shows being released from that time period to coincide with the film's release. ... but we are in "Led Zeppelin time" here, so we may not see this for another 5 years....lol
  13. I don't mind paying big money for the releases,I have loads of Empress Valley and Tarantura originals,what pisses me off is they release half the show like the Osaka show last year and then don't bother with the rest of it.I would sooner pay whatever the price as long as it's the complete show.Oh well,only time will tell if we get it all.
  14. I fully agree, it sucks. But, they've clearly decided this is the best way for them to make their money and I understand the reasoning. If they offered a complete show for $100, they'd still have to wait until they have a sufficient number of confirmed orders (because once they ship, it's game over), and they obviously suspect that not enough people are gonna want to have their money tied up waiting for the order list to grow. Again, it's easy to say we'd pay $100 in the abstract, but the reality with bootlegs in the digital age is that you'll be subsidizing a large number of free riders, and taking that into account, fewer people want to take the first step.
  15. I know that set very well. And I am in a good hope that this time they'll improve the quality as original Deep Throat sounded like shit to me, when compared with original tapes.
  16. zepster1979,have a listen to the Deep Throat collection.It's a true reflection of how the band sounded on the night.If Jimmy did give it some sort of release it would chopped and mixed up like the SRTS.Audience tapes all the way !!!!
  17. ok, it's crappy for everyone involved save for the "serious collectors". I still think they do themselves no favours. $50 or so and my guess is more people buy it. Yeah, its always going to be shared - I'd share it! but for $50 - I'd but it and probably a lot more people would. Drip feeding is just SHIT.
  18. How is it a crap strategy? They know as soon as the first physical CDs are delivered, someone will upload it for free download. It's a bootleg, so they have no way of enforcing any kind of copyright or whatever. Again, that's the reality of the digital age. We can all say we'd gladly pay $50 or $100 or whatever for a complete show and promise we'll keep it to ourselves, but EV has no enforcement mechanism to ensure that the market as a whole abides by it. They simply have to leak out teasers and try to make their necessary profit off of serious collectors (who, almost by definition, are fairly insensitive to price, at least as it would apply to a musical CD as such). It's unfortunate, but it's the only way we're going to get future shows.
  19. I do. If they're much upgraded and sounding close to the quality of something that we would called a semi-official product, I am after it!
  20. Who cares? It's not like we have never heard the shows in question.And besides,audience tapes are much better.
  21. Actually looking forward to this....cannot imagine a world without The Beatles, though...
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