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  2. , I am sure the disdain for seeing my name on top is widespread. Oh well. Let it be known, the point spread on the Super Bowl is a PICK. A true rarity. 54 is the over and under. Paul has made his pick above, if he wish's to bump it fine. I just wanted all to know the line on the game. Some might find it not important but let me just remind you that the two representatives of this game were 9 point favorites in the title games and both covered
  3. He played Rock and roll on stage in 2015 if I'm not mistaken?
  4. It's well worth the tag...even if it is now at $38.
  5. ^ Yeah,change it to "plomp" ^ 😁
  6. One way to change the pitch.
  7. I think now it's pick the SB & the score, so... Niners 31 Chiefs17
  8. File under "good ideas".
  9. So here we go...Rick is in at 6 points. So, if he picks the winning SB team, he wins. If not, a slew of others can pick the other team and then get a closer point total to win. Very exciting!! LedZeppfan1977 6-4 - 6 points zepscoda 5-5 - 5 points jabe 5-5 - 5 points paul carruthers 5-5 - 5 points ebk 5-5 - 5 points Walter 5-5 - 5 points redrum 5-5 - 5 points Mrs W. 5-5 - 5 points junior 4-6 - 4 points Strider 1-9 - 1 point
  10. Any Ray Donovan fan? If so can you believe the season finale? Sucks. Cant leave us hanging
  11. Time for Jimmy G to get some respect
  12. Easy pickens. I wish now i had done a little bridge jumpin
  13. ITS SOCCER!! LOL Stupid rules. NO playoff? Stupid
  14. SLAM DUNK. I bet two teamer. KC game over 49.5 and SF -7
  15. So much for my love of Green Bay....
  16. Damn, that's not very mid-January. at least it's not a 'single'
  17. I believe it's shipping out in February was the last I'd heard.
  18. I want to see Jimmy make a 15 CD Boxset, hed make millions
  19. Yesterday
  20. Strider

    2019 NFL Thread

    Chiefs cover the spread.
  21. Walter

    2019 NFL Thread

    This is a heavyweight fight.
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