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Must be a lot of brand new never read before information in this magazine, for sure!!! Oh boy, I can't wait, I must have it!!! I can just imagine: Jimmy admits that he ate three pancakes and two eggs for breakfast before going into the studio to record LZ II.... Page tells the REAL TRUTH, he didn't eat FOUR pancakes AND three eggs...

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Blues Again Apr/May/Jun 2009 (France)


I couldn't help but think Jimmy looks here like a scolding parent: "If I ever catch you kids again playing this gee-tar wa-a-a-y past your bedtime, I'm gonna take it away forever! Now GET TO SLEEP!!"

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Led Zeppelin and Philosophy

All Will Be Revealed

Edited by Scott Calef

Foreword by Dave Lewis

Volume 44 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

Led Zeppelin, who bestrode the world of rock like a colossus, have continually grown in popularity and influence since their official winding up in 1980. They exasperated critics and eluded classification, synthesizing blues, rock, folk, rockabilly, funk, classical, country, Indian, and Arabic techniques. They performed the alchemical trick of transmuting base led into gold—and platinum—and diamond. They did what they would, finding wisdom through personal excess and artistic self-discipline.

Philosophy is probably not up to the task of comprehending the mystery of musical and poetic genius, but in Led Zeppelin and Philosophy, sixteen Zep fans who are also professional thinkers offer their thoughts on various facets of Led Zeppelin. They explain how

  • an artist's progress emerges from the struggle for recognition
  • songs like "Custard Pie" and "Candy Store Rock" disclose the true nature of fetishism
  • music expresses what's beyond the reach of words
  • the awe evoked by the life-threatening is at the core of the Sublime
  • group collaboration may lift individual creativity to new levels
  • borrowing and transforming what is borrowed is the path to true originality
  • the occult doctrines of Aleister "the Beast" Crowley seek to liberate us from enslavement by false desires
  • Dionysian art projects the agony of human existence

"Not a coda to Zeppelin's legacy, but a blast of metaphysical graffiti as relevant today as the first time we heard the opening chords of 'Stairway to Heaven'. From Kant to 'Kashmir', from Freud to 'Fool in the Rain', Calef and company explore Zeppelin's music in an introspective, suggestive manner worthy of both a blistering Page solo and a bawdy Bonham stomp."

—Brandon W. Forbes, co-editor of Radiohead and Philosophy

"Led Zeppelin's albums, personalities, live performances, art work, myths, influences, and more, all come under the microscope. Compelling insights and observations add more depth to a subject that continues to thrill and inspire. Each chapter is driven by an unquenchable thirst for Zeppelin knowledge and pulls the reader deeper into the world of Led Zeppelin . . ."

—Dave Lewis, author of Led Zeppelin: The Concert Files and editor of the Tight But Loose magazine and website

"For those who thought Led Zeppelin were merely a heavy, if not headbanging, dose of sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll, along with a nod to the occult, the authors of Led Zeppelin and Philosophy demonstrate that Zep also packs intellectual weight."

—Deena Weinstein, author of Heavy Metal: The Music and Its Culture

Scott Calef, a traveler of both time and space, is Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Ohio Wesleyan University. He has published scholarly articles in ancient philosophy and applied ethics, and contributed chapters to The Beatles and Philosophy: Nothing You Can Think that Can't Be Thunk (2006) and Pink Floyd and Philosophy: Careful with That Axiom, Eugene! (2007).

Available for Purchase Here: http://www.opencourt...ed_zeppelin.htm

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Book Review: Led Zeppelin: Photographs By Neal Preston by Neal Preston

Author: Donald Gibson Published: Oct 29, 2009 Site: Blog Critics.com

"We're not talking about The Vagrants from Long Island or Vanilla Fudge, or the horn section of Tower of Power. This is Led fucking Zeppelin."

Such is how Neal Preston recalls his enviable and utterly daunting role as the official photographer for the heaviest band on the planet. In Led Zeppelin: Photographs By Neal Preston, the man behind the lens has compiled some of his most resonant shots of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham, rendering moments both epic and strikingly poignant.

Interspersed throughout the photos is an interview conducted by KLOS-FM Los Angeles radio host Cynthia Fox, in which Preston reflects upon his experiences, adding context to certain images while explaining the scope of his responsibilities at the time. In short, he didn't merely snap pictures for a couple of hours at whatever venue Zeppelin had landed in on any given night.

In looking at the live shots, in particularbe it one of Page shredding a double-neck or of all four musicians working in synergyyou can feel the music. In other words, Preston captures a spirit as well as his subjects, compelling you to envision bearing witness to "Achilles Last Stand" at Chicago Stadium in '77 or "Since I've Been Loving You" at Madison Square Garden in '70.

Complementing the concert photographs are select portraits and behind-the-scenes snapshots that reveal a bit of innocence behind the band's menacing enigma. It's especially evident in shots like that of Bonham napping on board the Starship (Zep's private jet) or of Plant walking arm in arm with his young daughter, Carmen, backstage at Knebworth.

Any depictions of the band's notorious debauchery are kept to a minimuma candid shot of Jimmy Page swigging from a bottle of Jack is about as salacious as it gets herebut it should be emphasized that Preston was employed by and under close scrutiny of the band and Peter Grant, Zeppelin's imperious manager. Ultimately, any potentially compromising or unflattering shots (especially with promiscuous girls or illicit substances and paraphernalia) would've likely been canned back when they were developedif not sooner.

What Neal Preston so strikingly achieves with this collection is to reflect Led Zeppelin in ways that live up toand in many cases, enrichthe band's larger-than-life reputation while not compromising the integrity of his own work as a professional photographer.


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Melbourne Herald Sun (Extra Hit Supplement) November 19 2009 Melbourne, Australia

"The Vultures Are Circling" -- three page Grohl & Homme interview


Brisbane Courier Mail (CM2 Supplement) November 19 2009 Brisbane, Australia

"Picking the Bones of Rock Greatness" -- Them Crooked Vultures feature



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Product Description

Back to Schoolin' is the culmination of years of conscious and subconscious study in the school of music known as Led Zeppelin. Having studied the band and its music for nearly thirty years, author Kevin Courtright has acquired a tremendous body of knowledge and insight into music and the music business which is modeled by Zeppelin. He presents this knowledge through three major categories: The Music, the Presentation and Relationships, and the Business. Dispersed within these three major categories are a total of thirty-two chapters, each of which is broken into three sections: The Inspiration, the Information, and the Implementation. Mr. Courtright's goal is to pass on this body of knowledge to others, whether musicians or not. The book is fascinating in its presentation, and educational in its content. Back to Schoolin' is recommended reading for anyone interested in not just rock music, but music in general. Kevin Courtright is a Los Angeles-based composer and author whose latest opus is the book Back to Schoolin': What Led Zeppelin Taught Me About Music. With 25 years of composing and study behind him and a long-time devotion to the beauty and intricacies of progressive rock music, Kevin is in a unique position to illustrate the far-reaching and lasting impact of one of the most influential musical groups of the 20th Century. Born outside the District of Columbia, raised near the City by the Bay and transplanted to Los Angeles, Kevin manages to escape his schooling with his creativity intact. His skill as a writer leads to the writing and directing of the hilarious mockumentary "Man On Top." He steps away from the keyboard once a week to teach from the greatest book ever written and on Sundays you will find him lending his bass voice to the Choir of Grace Community Church.

Product Details

Paperback: 416 pages

Publisher: Xulon Press (September 17, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1615790454

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Has anyone bought or read this?


Just wondering if it's any good. Looks quite smart, i like all the pully-outy bits and thought it might make a nice Christmas present.

Haven't read it yet. Must say my hopes for this book nosedived when I read his recent comments in the press suggesting 'Stairway to Heaven' became popular because djs gave it airplay for smoke breaks.

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