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Mary Hartman

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Khandie, how are you buddy? Hey, I can dig the Beach Boy's too! I love those in the studio video's as well (being as I'm a recording guy) and Kathy Troccoli reminds me of one of those good looking movie star's from back in the 1940's. B)

Hey Bonzo....everything is just fine with me, on a vacation at the moment and enjoying every minute of it.

I think Kathy Troccoli is a very beautiful women. She kind of reminds me of a brunette Marilyn Monroe.

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Brings back memories from those warm southern nights at city park stadium and those southern rock jams with wet willie, charlie daniels and the marshall tucker band.cool.gif

Kinda ironic that all these years later this song would have so much meaning in my life sad.gif

Another great band from the 70's :thumbsup:

Charlie, I bet we have been at so many of the same concerts. The warehouse ( I saw Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker and Grinderswitch), just one concert there amoung many. Then, City Park when Jerry Lee Lewis actually played the piano with his feet!!

PM me and lets see the places we were probably at...at the same time

Marshall Tucker Band - "Take The Highway

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