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The Black Sabbath Thread

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A new special limited-edition Black Sabbath CD, "The End", will be sold exclusively at shows on the legendary band's massive worldwide final tour, which kicks off next week. Includes 4 Previously Unreleased Songs From Th e "13" Sessions.



New Behind-The-Scenes Video From 'The End' Tour Rehearsals




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Saw Black Sabbath last night at The Forum in Los Angeles, my first Sabbath gig; what a GIG!! Confession, I was there to see Rival Sons the opening band, really into them right now and they absolutely KILLED IT!! As for Sabbath, I admit, I was skeptical; heard whispers that Ozzy was done, voice shot etc....BULLSHIT!! I was 12th row on the floor right in front of Geezer and Ozzy and Sabbath just absolutely blew the roof of the Forum.  It was really stunning.  I was taken aback how bluesy they are, you hear all the metal references and so forth, but their grooves and power are blues based. Go see these guys, they definitely have something left in the tank.

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7 hours ago, reswati said:



At times Ozzy sounds so horribly out of key it's almost a menace.......mixed emotions bout this tour.

He was definitely on last night at the Forum, unlike the first couple of shows on this tour.  I saw the same vids you did and wasn't sure what to expect last night honestly. He pulled it together for sure, 14 song set may have helped him too; last couple of shows they've dropped a couple of songs they were playing in earlier shows.

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Glad to hear some good reviews. After seeing some clips of the first few shows, I was concerned. They were detuning to the point that some of the music sounded off and Ozzy still was way off key.. 

I think I'm going to pass this time around though. I've seen Sabbath 4 times over the years.

1980 with Ronnie James Dio and Bill Ward..

1989 with Tony Martin,  Cozy Powell, Neil Murray..  

1999 Ozzfest original lineup.

and 2007 Heaven and Hell.

All were great shows.. 

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5 hours ago, The Dark Lord said:

The wife and I are flying out to see the rescheduled Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver shows AGAIN. We did the same thing a month ago, and the dates were all cancelled on us. That was disappointing. 

Sorry to hear that D.L, you and your wife have an extra good time!

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23 minutes ago, AndyBirger said:

Can't wait to see the old geezers for the first and last time next summer. I was supposed see Heaven and Hell in 2010, but that got cancelled due to Dio's (R.I.P.) health :(. Really psyched about Rival Sons as the supporting band, too. 

"geezers"...pun intended or no? LOL!

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17 hours ago, ScarletMacaw said:

Just got back from the Madison Square Garden show an hour ago. It was great. They are as good as they ever were. I think Tommy is an excellent drummer.

Glad you enjoyed the show Scarlet, I like Tommy also, but no one tops Bill Ward.

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