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Blow My Mind


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Here's an LSD tablet. :blink:

I've never done LSD and don't intend to. I have done Salvia and DMT though. But that's cheating. It's easy for your mind to get blown when it's drugged. Having a sober mind blown is something pretty special.

For example, I wasn't high when I learned that there are at least ten times more bacteria on/in your body than human cells. That means there are about 100,000,000,000,000 bacteria cells on or in you right now. They are more necessary to your survival than some of your own cells. It kind of makes you question the word "me." Do those bacteria count as "you"?

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i study physics, so i guess my mind is getting blown every day.

Yeah. Physics is pretty crazy, especially modern physics. But if you just "guess" your mind is getting blown, it probably isn't. Maybe you should pick up a biology book for a proper mind blowing. :D

This blew me away.

It's estimated that about 1/3 of the world's population is infected.

"Infected women were more likely to become more outgoing and showed signs of higher intelligence, while men became aggressive, jealous and suspicious."


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My mind likes getting blown. Please post a mind-blowing picture, video, story, etc.

I'll get this party started.

This is a great video, and brings up a lot of questions. For example, how did those "flatlanders" get trapped down into flatland to begin with, were they previously floating around like the apple but perceived something interesting going on in flatland and wanted to check it out? Sort of like seeing a party going on that looked and sounded like a lot of fun, and decided they wanted to join in? That's easy to imagine. Or were they somehow created, generated out of flatland itself?

At any rate, wonder why the apple chooses some flatlanders to pick up and not the others, does the apple feel sorry for the most-bored-looking flatlander or something? What if the flatlander wanted his friends to experience the fun he has with the apple, how could he link up with them and take them with him on his travels with the apple? What if the flatlander decides he has had enough of the party and wants to SHAKEr free of flatland entirely and never come back? How could he convince flatland's owner (surely somebody has to be in charge of flatland) that he's really ready to go?

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Me being interviewed on French canadas' top investigative journalist program 2 days after the case of a missing child was solved by me.

The police, hundreds of volunteeres, divers, helicopters, and scent dogs had found nothing for a month. The mother called me and after seeing her sons photo on the net within two minutes I told her that her son had accidentikly drowned and in which body of water his corpse was in. The next morning my friend called me and said "Hey Rob your in Le Journal de Montreal." I said "Alright!!!" While spoeaking to the mother unbeknownst to me the investigative teams of J.E. and Le Journal de Montreal were listening in on the conversation. In the article the mother had stated that I was the only of 20 psychics the familly had consulted to state thast their child was dead, how he died and with exactitude where his body could be found but the article went on to state that the police found the water to be too cold that night so they would continue their search the next morning.

Here's that article


The next day the corpse was found floating in the area I had stated and here's the interview that took place the following day on the French Investigative journalist program J.E.


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