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Led Zepagain Gear Theft


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I had put this post in their thread upstairs but though it would get noticed if I started a seprate thread.

This just sucks for the band. How can some people be so heartless.

This is from their FB:

Sad to report, we were the victims of a pro theft job last night after a show up in northern California. Our van was broken into and most all of our gear was stolen while parked at our hotel in Morgan Hill, just south of San Jose.

Please be on the lookout for any Zep type gear you might see on ebay, Craigslist, etc. I lost 2 Gibson Sunburst Les Paul's, a Gibson doubleneck, Danelectro & Taylor acoustic guitar. Also a Mojave Coyote amp head, custom pedalboard with Led Zepagain stencilled on it, cable bag with theramin, and an accesory case with misc supplies. Our bass player lost a Fender Jazz bass, Mark bass amp, Ensoniq keyboard and sound module rack. Drummer lost his Vistalite kick drum and cymbals. Most of the cases had our band name stencilled.

Unfortunately, we had no theft insurance for this on the road, so we're looking at a slow and expensive process of hopefully recovering what we can, and replacing what we need to.

Please let me know if you see anything suspicious, and if you have any connections with local music shops and other online forums, please notify them. We want to get the word out as far and wide as we can!

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I heard about this earlier.

Let's hope those arseholes get what's coming to them.

I don't know what it's like in the US but here in Oz it's nigh on impossible to get insurance policies for goods destroyed, lost or stolen in transit or from parked vehicles.

Most equipment is covered by household contents and / or venue insurance.

Here's hoping the gear will be returned intact.

Our thoughts are with you Steve(Z).

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OMG I hate hearing stories like this, I get furious at the crooks who stoop to this BS. Unfortunately it happens a lot, to pros and amateurs alike. Sonic Youth. ZZ Top. Metallica hired a guy to sleep in the truck with a shotgun. Just sucks, so sorry for Steve and the guys, I will keep an eye out for the gear...

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Led Zepagain played a show in Gilroy Friday night at 9Lives in downtown, and played in Redwood City on Saturday. After performing in Redwood City, the band checked into the Microtel on Condit Road near U.S. 101 at 1:30 a.m., only to discover that several guitars, a keyboard, a drum set and various sound equipment were stolen from their rental van, said Led Zepagain guitarist Steve Zukowsky.

“This isn't an insurmountable obstacle, but it's definitely a bit of a set back,” Zukowsky said.

There were no signs of forced entry to the van, but Zukowsky said the suspect jimmied the lock and cut the battery cable to prevent an alarm from going off.

“Police said it was a pretty professional break-in,” Zukowsky said.

The Morgan Hill Police Department is investigating the theft, police said. The public is asked to call 408-779-2101 if they have any information.

As this incident marks the first time the band's equipment had been stolen, Led Zepagain certainly could be soured toward another trip to Gilroy or Morgan Hill – but Zukowsky said the band remains open to coming back.

“We need to reassess our whole method of transportation and storage,” he said. “This could have happened anywhere.”

Zukowsky remembers lights flooding his hotel room window around 2:30 a.m. just as he was drifting off to sleep, but didn’t think too much of it at the time.

“To be honest we were probably a bit lax more than we should have been,” he said.

The band remains hopeful they will be reunited with their equipment, as they have serial numbers for most of their instruments, and are spreading the word about the theft to friends in the music business all over California.

ur stuff is pretty distinctive,” Zukowsky said. We’re thinking that it should raise some red flags with people if they come across it.”

Morgan Hill Police Sgt. Troy Hoefling said that 15 car burglaries have occurred at the Microtel since 2001. This was the first incident of that nature this year. Hoefling said.

Police are currently investigating the burglary and looking into whether the Microtel's surveillance cameras were recording the night of the incident.


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Here's a list of the stolen items. I hope they catch those rat bastards.

List of Led Zepagain's stolen Gear...

Gibson Les Paul Standard 1950's reissue guitar, Light Burst - Ser# 020560474

Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 reissue guitar, Cherry Sunburst - Ser# 009649

Gibson EDS1275 guitar, Heritage Cherry - Ser# CS-52190

Danelectro 59-DC guitar, black & white

Taylor 514CE Acoustic guitar - Ser# 980915107

Mojave Coyote amp head

Janal Cases Custom pedalboard case

TC Electronix Polytune

Ibanez Turbo Tube Screamer

Boss Octaver

Boss Giga Delay

Small Stone Phase Shifter

Boss Chorus

Cry Baby Wah Pedal

BBE Frequency Boost Pedal

Morley A/B Switcher

Burns Theramin

Electro-Harmonix 22 Caliber Power Amp

Janal Cases Custom guitar flight case

Multi 7-guitar stand

Guitar cables

Flight briefcase

Boss tuner


3 brass slides

Custom guitar picks

Gaffer's tape

Misc tools

9 volt batteries

Ensoniq Kt -76 Keyboard

1 Gator GK-76 Keyboard Case

1 Gator GR-4PL-US Rack Case

1 E-mu Vintage Pro Sound Module w/sound card upgrades

1 E-mu Vintage Keys Plus Sound Module

1 Ensoniq MR Rack Sound Module

1 Kurzweil PC-2R Sound Module w/Orchestral and Classic Keys Upgrade

1 Midiman 6-Channel Mixer

4 6' Midi Cables

4 8' Monster Rock Instrument Cables with angled connectors

3 Live Wire 1.5 Foot Power Cables

1 12 foot Monster Midi Cable

1 Fender Jazz Bass w/active pick-ups

1 Markbass CMD 102P 2x10 Tilt-back Bass Combo

1 Markbass Standard 151HR rear ported Neo 1x15 bass cabinet

1 10 Foot Monster S-100 Speaker Cable with Speakon Connectors

1 15 Foot Live Wire Power Cable

1 Customized banner with John Paul Jones symbol

1 Boss A/B-2 2 Way Switch

2 10 Foot Keyboard Instrument Monster Cables

2 Shure SM 57 Mics

1 Shure SM 58 Mic

1 AKG D112 Kick drum mic

1 Sennheiser e602 kick drum mic

3 Sennheiser e 604 Drums mics

2 Sennheiser e 504 Drums mic

1 Sennheiser e835 Vocal Mic

1 Oktava MK-012-01 Cond mic

1 Boss DD6 Digital Delay pedal

1 Sansa Fuze MP3 player 4 GB

3 25' Live wire Mic cables

1 Bag of Misc adapters and connectors

24" Zildjian ride cymbal

(2) 20" Zildjian crash cymbals

(2) 15" Hi-hat cymbals

SBC Cymbal case

26" Ludwig Amber Vistalite Bass Drum

26" Bass drum case

Shure PSM 900 in ear monitor system

SKB rack case

SKB molded case

Shure green bullet mic

Furman 15 Amp Power Conditioner with Pull-out Lights

Yamaha SPX990

7 blues harps

AKG C 535 mic

3 mic cables

3 balanced qrt cables

Steam inhaler

1 Customized banner with Robert Plant symbol

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That really sucks. I hope they can recover their gear and not have to replace too much. Even if stolen things are recovered and returned to their rightful owners, the process is sometimes long, arduous, and a pain in the ass. Best wishes to the band and nasty mean wishes to the thieves.

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Thank you all for the well wishes & M for starting the topic up here. For all of you on facebook, anything you can do to help spread the word is greatly appreciated. We have posts on our page that you can go & hit "Share" on to spread it to your friends; the more awareness of this out there, the better chances of the stuff being recognized when it turns up somewhere. We've already had people help with reporting to pawn shops, music shops, etc from our postings, so everything helps!

Our facebook page is:


Thank again for any help, it is greatly appreciated!

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No problem Steve....glad to get the word out there. I read that you are still able to do your shows. I really hope to catch you at Romanos this time around in a couple of weeks. I was sick last time. Gotta get my annual Zepagain fix.

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Man, this blows. I hope you guys are able to recover most of that gear...although from that list, that's a lot of gear stolen! Hopefully the surveillance cameras were operating.

I hope they catch the pricks who did this and have their balls crushed with a sledgehammer.

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