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NFL 2012 Predictions Game


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Good lord, so far I only have 4 correct pics. And i have a real bad feeling about Baltimore and the Pats (I picked the Pats).

I checked scores about 4PM (Eastern), and there were THREE games in OT! The Saints (The Saints.....WTH is up with them this year, The Jets and Miami, and Detroit). Like someone else said: time next week to REALLY re-evaluate picks. So I can get even more wrong, lol! Gotta love the NFL.

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Week 3 Results:

Arcane29: 5-11

Black Dawg: 7-8

DAS: 7-9

in_the_evening: 3-13

jabe: 6-10

jb126: 6-10

Ledzepfan77: 7-9

paul carruthers: 6-10

Strider: 5-11

Walter: 8-8


Yearly Totals:

Arcane29: 14-18

Black Dawg: 22-25

DAS: 28-20

in_the_evening: 18-29

jabe: 21-27

jb126: 27-21

Ledzepfan77: 28-19

paul carruthers: 21-27

Strider: 22-26

Walter: 26-22

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Das, I double checked my score & I actually went 6-10 this week. :bagoverhead:

Don't speak up next time. :lol: Can you believe no one had a winning score this week and only one person hit 50%? Unbelievable, statistically everyone but Walter would have gotten a higher score flipping a coin. :blink:

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  • Browns at Ravens

    Patriots at Bills

    49ers at Jets

    Seahawks at Rams

    Panthers at Falcons

    Vikings at Lions

    Chargers at Chiefs chiefs.png

    Titans at Texans

    Bengals at Jaguars

    Raiders at Broncos

    Dolphins at Cardinals

    Redskins at Buccaneers

    Saints at Packers

    Giants at Eagles

    Bears at Cowboys

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