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Jimmy Page Iconic Dragon Suit


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1 hour ago, Silverseas said:

Sorry man, you look like a clown wearing that outfit. Crap, even if Page could fit into his he wouldn’t sport it. It’s 2018. 

The comments that you make on this forum say far more about you than the good people you take aim at.....sorry man

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That is an extremely awesome suit! I was also curious how you did it. I'm hoping to get a suit similar to Page's but unfortunately it seems there's no dragon suits to be found! Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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That is fantastic, great job putting that together; I can't even imagine what that outfit does for your swagger, energy, and tone (seriously) when you are playing some zep on that sweet LP burst.  Is it embroidered?  If it is that is even more impressive, but I can't see from the pictures, but I am sure it is my eyes.   

Also, I have to say this due to an ignorant comment I see above...don't let the haters get you down! Passion is the wellspring of art, and conviction to one's art is life.  Not that you don't know this already!  Nice work!

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