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Way Too Over-Played Songs on the Radio...


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We all know that Classic Rock radio stations seem to (over) play the same songs all the time. Of course these are mostly good songs by most of Our favorite bands.

With that being said, I think that the most over-played song, in my opinion, is:

"Sweet Home Alabama".

What other songs do you think would and could make this list? If anyone cares to reply, please do so. I will add a few more as I see what others have said.

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Stairway, Freebird, Hotel California, Slow Ride, Layla. Those are the ones that pop into my head right now, but there are many others. Of course, they're all great songs and I enjoy listening to them a lot. But I really don't listen much to the radio for that reason.

I probably listen to Dazed and Confused or When the Levee Breaks as much or more than Stairway.

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In no particular order, and I generally dislike them (or to be more kind, don't give a rats ass about them) all to be honest:

- Sweet Home Alabama

- Blinded By The Light

- Free Bird

- More Than A Feeling

- Layla

- Hey Jude

- Start Me Up

- Hotel California and anything else by the Eagles for that matter...

- Anything by Bruno Mars

- Anything by Black Eye Peas

- Anything by Pearl Jam

- Bad To The Bone

- Shook Me All Night Long

- Anything by Heart but the target for me is set on Barracuda (HATE that song) and Crazy On You (HATE that song as well)

- Money

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I would say that easily the Top 200 songs played on Classic Rock Radio, are all already played too much.

But it's those very people that are fine with listening to just that, who are targeted by companies to advertise to on those stations.

It's a formula that works well for the advertisers and the stations that sell the air time.

You and I aould of course like less overplay of many songs.

But that would drive away the drones people that the advertisers have targeted.

So, do not look for them change their successful formula, to please anyone with senisble tastes in music. That is not who the radio station is programming for. Anyway, they've heard the complaints about their overplaying for decades. Yet, their formula of a tight playlist still works.

So we are screwed, as far as OTA radio goes.

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Jackson Brown, runnin on empty. I have heard this song everyday monday through friday, sometimes twice a day. I protest to myself, cmon ya played this already today.

Pink Floyd, welcome to the machine. The most depressing overplayed song to me. Ya can be having a good day, ahead of schedule and the lyrics and icy synths, are gonna bring you down.

Foreigner, cold as ice. The cheesiest overplayed song imo. Do we really need to hear about this bad relationship for decades on the radio. Then the slowed down chorus section, cold...as...ice....makes it torturous.

I only listen to radio while working, usually college or talk radio, but when im out of range, i get to hear the same list of songs, since 1982,with some stuff from the 90s, just a few. One dj announcing hendrix,all along the watchtower a few months ago, was so bored and tired sounding, it had me laughing. It was probably the ten thousandth time, the guy had to announce that.

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I'll throw in Slow Ride-Foghat is my favorite band, but there's a lot more to them than just "Slow Ride".

Also, Flirtin with Disaster-Molly Hatchet-they have a lot more songs that are much better than that.

Couple more-Legs-ZZ Top, Cheap Sunglasses-ZZ Top.

Smoke on the Water

Crazy Train

Roadhouse Blues

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Good call on Crazy Train too, tomloge.

Thanks. I like Crazy Train, it's just played way too much! Plus I have a hearing problem so I have the intro on my cell phone as a ring tone, because I have a hearing problem and it is very loud So I hear it more than enough. It does really help me know when my phone is ringing though.

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I can think of two right now:

Won't back down - Tom Petty

You ain't seen nothing yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive

Great choices, like the Deep Purple song, I sort of sick of hearing those 2 songs you just listed as well. They are played over and over and it gets boring

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I guess I'm weird because If I like a song my local classic rock station can't play it too often, imo. Hearing those classic rock standards brings back fond memories of my teen and college years. Even the songs I didn't like when they were first released can grow on me if I hear them enough.

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