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Songs That Represent Who You Are

Charles J. White

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Songs That Represent Who You Are In No Particular Order:

1: Kinks - 20th Century Man


2: Oasis - Talk Tonight



3: Mott The Hoople - Marionette 



4 The Tea Party - Temptation 



5: Def Leppard - Fractured Love



6: Gordon Lightfoot - If You Could Read My Mind



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Great thread, Charles! And great songs.
First of all, my favorite song since it came out. The music!!! not the lyrics, is totally, completely and utterly ME.
When I'm happy, self-confident, beautiful, strong, funny, laughing, contented, full of positive energy
The darker days: 
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2 hours ago, EaglesOfOneNest said:

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice! 

Excellent pick; one of my faves

'I Will Choose A Path That's Clear.

I Will Choose Free Will' :D

These lines literally apply to my career choice! Had to rise above the nay-sayers and pursue what I wanted to do B)

Rush is my favourite band of all time! :) 

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I actually went to Colorado for the first time when I was 11.  Any time I hear that song, I can still conjure up memories of that trip.  It was the last time my entire family took a road trip together...6 of us in a station wagon and a tent.  My Dad was Clark Griswold, and as he was very fond of saying, the leaves don't fall far from the tree.     

Sometimes we're all Beautiful Losers, especially me.  Remember people....no matter how hard you try, you just can't have it all.  I always liked the studio version better.

The more I travel, the more I realize how much the Great Lakes are a part of me.  Even though it commemorates a sad event, the music reeks of living in Michigan and the water that surrounds us more than any other.  Every time I take my daily walk on the shore and see a freighter in the distance, I think of this song.  Gitche Gumee !!





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Here is a shipwreck from Nerezine in Croatia, whenever we went for a walk from our apartment house in Bučanje to village Nerezine we saw it and

this 80's pop song a band always played there Vino na usnama-Wine on the lips stayed in my mind, I don't think it describes me too much though.  ;)

It reminds me of good times I had there as I child, Nerezine is also mentioned in my song Mama on my first album.

I'll just add one more tomorrow, one that really describes me,  probably something Zeppelin.





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