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Woodstock, who stole the show?


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Sly, Santana, & Hendrix were the top 3 IMO. Richie Havens gets honorable mention as he had to hold down the whole damn show for quite some time as the other performers had not yet arrived. He even made up that song Freedom on the spot as a means to fill time. Now to be fair, Freedom is not exactly lyrically or melodically complex my any means (two chords and one repeated word), but it did the trick and prevented the whole festival from descending into complete pandemonium before it even got off the ground. Most do not realize how close Woodstock came to devolving into an Altamont. If the promoters would have tried to stop the gate crashers' and not opened it up as a free concert, Woodstock would have been akin to the Vigorelli Velodrome riot in 71' but times 1000x.

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I was just too young by a few years to have been there.  Then Watkins Glenn had a huge show in the early 70's.  I think the Allman Bros and the Band were there?  Wasn't Janis Joplin at Woodstock?  I AM  a Santana fan. But not huge.  Who doesnt remember Abraxas?  Woodstock was such a rare and historic event.  The locals hated it.

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