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Led Zep Most played Song Live!

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I don't know why i'm posting this cos i'm just putting myself out there to be voted Zep anorak of the year.

Anyway, this is something that i've always wondered about. I've always wondered what song Led Zeppelin played the most times live.

Don't ask me why but I suppose it's just one of those things. I own nearly every live bootlegged performance from them and I've got it down to 2 songs.

So..... The contenders are "Dazed and Confused" and "Since I've Been Loving You".

Remember this is only for when Led Zep played these songs. Not "Page and Plant" or "The Yardbirds" or the "02".

Even though "Dazed" was in the set right from the start and they were doing a lot of Matinee shows, from the spring tour 1970 SIBLY seemed to be in the set constantly til the bands demise in 1980. "Dazed" had stopped being a regular part of the set after the Earls Court gigs.

Maybe I'm just trying to reach out to some Zep nerds!

Thanks for replying

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Just guessing, but I'd say either Dazed or Whole Lotta Love.

Dazed was played at virtually every show between '68 and '79. It was only dropped when Page had his finger problems in '75 and for the '80 Europe tour. And WLL was a staple at virtually every show from the end of '69 until '80.

Which was played more? That I couldn't tell you.

I would guess that SIBLY was played third most, with Communication Breakdown also up there. But with the sheer number of shows played between '68 and '70, I'd say those are your top four.

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Dazed wasn't played in 77 or 79 and it wasn't played for the first month of the 75 tour I think. Page had a broken hand and couldn't play it.

White Summer/Black Mountainside is probably the real answer

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It's White Summer. It's the only song they played on every tour. The only time it wasn't played was the reunions or when they had concerts shortened. And there haven't been enough reunions to make up for that. White Summer was even played with the Yardbirds.

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Thanks so much for the healthy response.

For all of those that answered "Stairway To Heaven" I think you haven't done your research.....no offense.

Just to set a few things straight.....The 1st noted public performance of Whole Lotta Love was in December 1969. Even though the 2nd album was well completed within this time they were only playing "What Is and What Should Never Be" and "Heartbreaker" live.

In fact at this point in time they were starting work on Zep III.

At the point when they started introducing Whole Lotta Love as a permanent part of their set they were also "road testing", "Since I've Been Loving You".

However I've since worked out that Whole Lotta Love is a very worthy contender for most live played track. Although for most of the 77 tour it was segued into Rock and Roll. I don't know where the Zep police stand on this!

To give a rough idea:

"Dazed" Played from the start til the end of the 75 tour (aside from hand injuries). Was dropped from US 77, Knebworth and 80 Europe tour.

"Whole Lotta Love" Played from December 1969 in whole (including medleys) til 1975. In 1977 it was either dropped from the set, or it was an encore segue into Rock and Roll.

It was played at Knebworth, however it wasn't part of the setlist on their 1980 Europe tour.

"Since I've Been Loving You" was first played in January 1970. And as far as I know it was played at nearly every live gig "in full" til the bands demise in 1980.


So WLL and SIBLY were a month apart from being live staples in the average Zep set. However WLL was in and out towards the end and SIBLY was always there so........back to my original question.

After reading my ramblings, What do you think was the most played out of Dazed and SIBLY and possibly WLL?

Please no more Stairway, Rock n Roll or any other contenders. These were the most played songs in their career.


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I think it probably is Whole Lotta Love easily. Written way back in 1969 (Two years before Stairway) and probably played at almost every show. I can't imagine a Zep gig without Whole Lotta Love!

Well you'd have had to wait til Jan 1970 and then not seen the 1980 tour. I know you've already said that, but I agree I can't imagine Led Zep without Whole Lotta Love but...... it was for a few years!

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I can write a program that will search through the timeline on this site and count the songs in the setlists from every show.

I could post the results for every song if you wanted, not just the most played.

Do you think the results would be useful in any way?

Does anyone want me to do this? It might take me a day or so.

My only concern is that not all the setlists are known for certain. So the list I compile would be an estimation. However, I think it'll be closer than what we have now.

Do I have the green light?

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i just did a quick parsing of my set lists of known live recordings and i have the top ten performed songs listed as...

dazed and confused

whole lotta love

stairway to heaven

since i've been loving you

rock and roll

moby dick (or variations thereof - pat's delight, over the top, titanic, etc)

black dog


the song remains the same

the rain song

i only parsed the set lists for known live recordings and my list may have some discrepancies (my list is at http://www.tunage.com/cgi-bin/led-zeppelin-live.cgi). also, the whole lotta love count includes any of their quick intro segues into other songs. i figured if they did a verse or more with vocals, then it counts as a performance of the tune.

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Too funny. If they ever even listened to it in the last twenty years Id be shocked. Should have been saved for Coda. On a serious note its a no brainer-Stairway to Heaven. I mean, come on. Can you imagine them not playing this song? I know a few on thiis site imagine it but when they play again, I guarantee it will be played every time!

Should have been saved for an as yet unreleased album of rare shit.

(Got my flameproof overalls on now!!!) :D

Stairway, I bet, is way down the list simply because Dazed and WLL and had such a massive head start.

Edit to add. ^ Oh OK so third then.

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Note: SIBLY was played only twice or maybe three times if that on the 1975 tour. Jimmy's finger injury made him leave out this more complex tune until the Seattle gigs.

Lewis has it played three times on the US '75 tour: 2/14 in Uniondale, NY (Valentine's Day, fittingly), 3/21 in Seattle (2nd Seattle show of tour) and 3/27 in LA (last night of tour)

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Lewis has it played three times on the US '75 tour: 2/14 in Uniondale, NY (Valentine's Day, fittingly), 3/21 in Seattle (2nd Seattle show of tour) and 3/27 in LA (last night of tour)

Hmmm. That's surprising that they played it as early as 2/14, considering Jimmy's injured finger.

Thanks for the clarification. :)

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