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Your Username...why'd you choose it?


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Short story: I'm Kelly and yeah you guessed it.. I'm a girl.

Long story: I chose Kelly and added Girl because I had no clue what I'd end up using for my avatar.
I thought a random photo of the band, Jimmy or maybe his ZoSo sigil with username "Kelly" would
make people wonder if I was some chatty Irish dude. (The name Kelly being of Irish origin) I suppose
after a few of my posts people would've figured out my sex. After adding the Girl I realized I could've
just stuck with Kelly since you can choose if you want to show your sex.

My boss actually picked my cartoon avatar picture to represent me online at work. I have no clue where
the the picture comes from originally though, only that he and others I work with said she had a likeness
to me in the world of cartoon. I thought oh gee how Walt Disney esque of you all to think this about me.
I've grown used to it now, so I thought what the hell I'll use it on a public Zep board.

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On January 12, 2016 at 2:38 PM, Lake of Shadows said:

Hey there... been a long time...
Life has been happening, as has the end of it as well. I do miss 'the old days' and some of the conversations/discussions/rants/diatribes... but especially some of the people here, and particularly you StringBender. :)  But... we can't go back it seems... when we try, it's like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube... it doesn't work and the attempt can be kinda messy.

I pop in briefly every few months and then pop back out. Meanwhile..... *waves hello*



Hi Lakey!

Yes the toothpaste can get a little messy....hope all is well with you. 


Hey '59. Good to see you as well. 

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On 1/7/2016 at 6:30 PM, Ross62 said:

Old Scratch,now there was a character! :D

I heard that he opened a home for troubled teen girls. It's called "Uncle Fingerfun's house of shakey puddin"

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