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Your Username...why'd you choose it?

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"Tangie" was a nickname given to me by my friends in high school- obviously short for the song Tangerine- written by Jimmy Page- I had a crush on Jimmy (and still sorta do even after all these years, the Pagettes will know what I'm talking about LOL)- so they started calling me "Tangie" one day & the name stuck.

The "Stargroves" part comes from Mick Jagger's country home where they recorded The Rover, which is my favorite Zep song.

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Idk it was kind of a spur of the moment thing, so I chose a really corny name like one of those people on youtube who say their favorite band is Zepp but they really know nothing about them. :slapface: I was gonna use my youtube account name (aftguitar94 because I'm the guitarist in my band whose initials are AFT and I was born in 1994) but instead I used the corny name that I have. :lol:

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Besides the obvious admiration for Jimmy Page, I was also born on Jan.9, 1960. Most of the research I've done on the ZoSo symbol is that its a grimore for Saturn which rules Capricorn mine/his astrological sign.


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I was 22 when I joined this forum and I have red hair and I like a few songs by the band queen so that's why I chose redhairedqueen22

Red hair you have, you say? :). Would you maybe consider contributing to this http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/38-post-a-picture-of-yourself/page-346 topic? ;):angel:.

Anyway, why Stormbringer, anyone here knows Deep Purple? :))). Not my favourite song, but cool nick name for sure ;).

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