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Robert Plant in People Weekly 1977

Otto Masson

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Holy cow. That really jogged memories for me. Well, fragments of memory anyway.

The library in my junior high school had a subscription to People, and that issue was sitting on the librarian's desk. You know, BEHIND the check out desk and IN HER OFFICE. But I could see it as I walked in with the rest of the class.

Man, I wanted to get that mag. No one had not heard a peep outta the Zep camp for fookin' AGES at that point. We were STARVING for anything, and there was a COVER story! Woot, woot.

Well, I wasn't eggsactly chums with the librarian (I was with the French teacher, but that's another story - and a good one, too). So asking her to see the mag wasn't gonna get me what I wanted, I knew that much.

So I just walked around and TOOK IT. Hahahahahahahha. I didn't care. I saw the Mighty Zep on the cover, and mentally I wasn't even IN class anymore, hahahahhahahaha.

I went to the closest table and sat, kind of in a daze, staring at the cover. The rest of my class had gone to the study tables where we were assigned, seemingly 10,000 miles from where I was. I read the whole story, twice, in a few minutes.

When I looked up, the old gal was lurking over me with a DefCon Four scowl that I didn't see again until I told my wife that I paid $200 for front row seats at a Page/Plant show years later. Hahahahahhaha. She got over it. GREAT show!

When I sorta "came around", I apologized to her (the librarian, not my wife) for taking her mag without asking, sayin' something like "are you a Zep fan, too?"

She wasn't.

Man, she was wound tighter than an eight day clock.

I spent lottsa time in the principle's office in those days. <_<

Now, about that French teacher........

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