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Favorite member and song?


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my fave member is Jimmy Page (as you can see my name :P) and fave song...hummmmmm it's rly hard..... ill just say one from each album lol so

LZ I: I Can't Quit You Baby

LZ II: The Lemon Song

LZ III: Since I've Been Loving You

LZ IV: Black Dog

HOTH: Rain Song

Physical Graffiti Side 1: In My Time Of Dying

Physical Graffiti Side 2: Ten Years Gone

Presence: Tea For One

In Through The Out Door: I'm Gonna Crawl

Coda: Ozone Baby



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Can I have a few choices allowed as I like different members for different reasons ?!

Robert for his voice and all round sexiness ;)

Jimmy and Bonzo for sheer talent, and all round greatness!! :D

Songs? Immigrant Song, The Rain Song, Ten Years Gone, IMTOD

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Robert Plant since i was 12. Jimmy Page is my favorite guitarist.

Top 10 Favorite Led Zeppelin songs:

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

In The Light

Ten Years Gone

Thank You

I'm Gonna Crawl

The Rover

Going To California


Your Time Is Gonna Come

The Song Remains The Same

In The Evening (is that 11?)

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I've got to say John Paul Jones because he kept the band rooted to the ground... without someone like him in the band the Zeppelin probably would've crashed in the land of excess.

Favorite song? Since I've Been Loving You.

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One from each album I've got because there's too many all good:

I: Good Times Bad Times

II: Bring it on Home

III: Gallows Pole or Bron-y-aur Stomp

IV: Rock and Roll, Misty Mountain Hop - they're all brilliant except Battle of Evermore and Going to California- why do so many people love that song so much? It's not bad but I'm not sure what makes it really special.

Houses of the Holy: The Ocean- sooooooo many different good riffs in it ;):P

And my favourite member is Bonzo coz I love drums, then Jimmy 2nd, then Plant, and then JPJ- he doesn't seem to stand out much in their live videos and stuff. All four are amoung the best of what they do.

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