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Finding Led Zeppelin in unrelated places


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I found Led Zeppelin today coming out of the mouth of the drive thru window guy at Chik-fil-A.

He saw my Led Zeppelin shirt and said "You know, Led Zeppelin was popular when I was in Junior High"

After a slight hesitation, I replied, "and it still is popular"

Well maybe not in junior high today. :(

I kind of wondered why he was working at the drive thru window at Chik-fil-A if Led Zeppelin was popular when he was in junior high. But I think that sort of moral degradation was kind of implied as I hesitated to come up with a response to his coment.

Whelp, rock on Chik-fil-A dude...rock on!

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Im not a fan of him but iIn Weird Als Song "Drive Through" or whatever its called he plays Black Dog. and there is a rumor that in one of Star Treks old video games they posted the four symbols

EDIT: i looked up Led Zeppelin Star Trek on You Tube this is what i Found:

go to 7:40

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