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The Cure

Jimmy's A Legend

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Still debating whether to go. It is a beautiful place to see a show...it is where I saw Robert Plant, Gary Clarke, Jr., the Bangles et al last summer. The Pixies opened for the Cure at Dodger Stadium 30 years ago and Mogwai was one of the opening acts for the Cure on their Curiosa Festival tour in 2004. 

But there aren't many other bands on that bill that I'm interested in seeing. I saw all three nights the Cure played at the Hollywood Bowl a few years ago and while it was good and they played different setlists each night, it is not the same without Porl Thompson. 

I see they are showing their Disintegration anniversary concert in theatres on July 18, so I might content myself with going to that. If that wows me enough then I might change my mind and go see them when they come to town.

Robert is really looking like a scary senile auntie these days. At the Hollywood Bowl shows you got closeups on the video screens of every band member except Robert.


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I like the Cure. They remind me of my teenager years in the early eighties. When all the cool boys were Cure fans, wore kajal and pretended to understand Sartre.
IMO A forest is one of the best songs of the 80s. But I prefered other music at the time like the Specials, the Jam or Madness. There's not enough power in the Cure's music.
Teenage ennui
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On 6/3/2013 at 9:04 AM, Charles J. White said:

I’m not against the genre that The Cure is part of, but I must admit that the lyrics are some of the most depressing stuff I have heard. The music is fine, but the lyrics are enough to cause one to pull the trigger. And yes, I understand that something doesn’t have to be shiny and glossy 24/7 but the guy from the Cure is one odd cat. Sometimes a little warmth and happiness can go a long way!


On 6/26/2019 at 8:03 AM, Charles J. White said:

I think they are shit, with a singer who treats people like shit, and their fans that treat other music fans like shit - overall a really shitty experience!


So much for warmth and happiness!


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