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best album by the who


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i have yet to hear *the who - sell out* but i have all of their other albums

my personal favourite is quadrophenia - in fact it took me years of non stop listening to get bored with it

a close second is *who's next*

what album is your favourite and is it worth me buying *the who - sell out*?

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I really am not all that big a fan of Sell Out, I would say my favorite is easliy...

Who's Next, so many of their best songs,

Baba O'Riley


My Wife

Behind Blue Eyes

Won't Get Fooled Again

I Don't Even Know Myself

Going Mobile.

And in a close second is Tommy.

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A whole album of songs that makes you wanna jump, dance and shout "we are the mods we are the mods" must be the perfect album!

Out In The Streets

A Legal Matter

The Goods Gone

La La La Lies

The Kids Are Alright

Much Too Much

It's Not True

The Ox

Talkin' 'bout My Geeeeeeneration!!!!!!!!



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