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Your take on Zeppelin


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So what is your favorite Song, Album cover, Album itself as a whole, Who is your favorite member, Favorite live performance?

Favorite song is When the levee breaks,

Album cover LZ3.

Album as a whole Tie between PG and LZ2.

Love all the guys.

No Quarter.


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Favorite Song - "Ten Years Gone" (I don't have a favorite, but I like that one a helluva lot)

Album Cover - Physical Graffiti

Album As A Whole - Physical Graffiti

Favorite Member - Jonesy

Favorite Live Song - "No Quarter"

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Song: Kashmir.

Album cover: Physical Graffitti

Album: LZ III

Member: Jimmy Page

Live: Dazed and Confused 1969

I love watching JPJ in the beginning. Wow.

And Jimmy with the bow... don't get me started.

I'm in love with Percy's outfit. Pure class. This is by light years hotter than when he's "wide open."

In fact, the way they're all dressed (modestly and unpretentiously) and the way they move (no "suggestive" hip lunges, only very sincere, animated delivery of brilliant music) make them all just divinely sexy in an effortless kind of way. A smoldering piece of live performance.

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